Wednesday, November 28, 2007

just spewing words

Well I took Sierra back to her dads temporarily.
I will have all three girls with me this summer. And I will be in a place by May or June. YAY housing!!\
My sister Tannis is getting married New Years eve to my great friend Dave. I can't believe it I am so happy for both of them. My sister Vicki is either having or has already had her baby girl. I haven't heard anything yet.
I got to have both Sierra and Amanda with me for Thanksgiving so that RAWKED.
I wish Lynn could have been there too. Maybe next year eh..
Pan is doing awesome in Jobchore. I am so very proud of her.
Gotta make this quick as I need to get back to work,\
More later!

Friday, November 09, 2007

You can help!

Please go to the following url and light and virtual candle for homless youth.

It will give you warm fuzzies!

I swear it will make you feel really good. You can help!

Thank You

Lady Raevyn

ps. while you are at it check out and join today.
Its a really cool sight where you can click to donate to charities such as breast cancer research and saving the environment. And you can sign petitions for such things as saving the whales, wolves. wild horses, seals, pitbulls, the list goes on and on. There are also health care petitions. and many others.
I am known as Dakotabo on Come join and add yourself to my friends list!

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Well that was a fun trip! We went and got Sierra over the weekend. I got us way out of the way going over White pass on the way home. Katie screamed at me for quite a long time then decided she wanted to drive and proceeded to scare the shit out of all of us. Then she had Nikki drive for a bit but Maddy woke up and Nikki is breast feeding so I drove us home from Tacoma. Made it from there to Anacortes is less then an hour. Ya I was speeding. Anyway. Sierra started school yesterday and so far likes her teachers. I hope that will continue. She will surely have homework tonight. She misses her sister. She told me last night that she wished she had chosen to stay home. But I remember what the girls went through when they first got to Jasons. And Sierra knows she is here for the rest of the school year. Jason and I told her she needed to make the final decision..but then she got into big big trouble and through discusion it was decided that she would come try it with me. That means til school is out. Because we can't do the back and forth thing all the time. If she decides at the end of the year to go ahead and go back to Dads I will be surprised. I know she misses her sister but I can really see her doing very well here in Anacortes.
Its a very art dominated city. And she is an awesome artist. The people here are really nice and so are their kids for the most part. She already made some friends yesterday..Go Sierra!! Okay my fingers are getting stiff so I close with this. I am really glad that my daughter is here. And I pray that she finds happiness either with me or with her dad.