Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good Lord, back at Katies again

Okay, well I am back at Katies. Dre kept two promises of all the promises he made. But they were two damn good ones. First one: He bought me a car. A 1984 Caprice Classic, which he is now jealous over. And the second was he gave me a phone. Its a better prepaid deal then the one I had. So thats cool. Anyway. I am back at Katies. Because Sharon is a bitch and she is never going to stop being one and I should have just kicked her ass a damn long time ago. Period! Long story short. She introduced me to Dre. to try to control him by holding me over his head. This drove a wedge between Dre and I. I didn't like it being held over my head either. And the guilt trips Sheesh. No more of the crap. I don't need to pack my bags for any more trips of any kind. Sharons are all bullshit anyway. She just needs to be made to leave the area. Ontop of it all when she didn't get her way because Dre and I split up but remained friends. She made it impossible for me to stay at the house. See she didn't want me there, because she wants to set Dre up with another friend so she can have something over his head again. She doesn't know that Dre is on to her and doesn't want to meet any of her friends.. Sound like a soap opera yet. Wait. It gets better. Since I was still living with Dre, and her and Jason. Jason is her on again off again boyfriend who is also Dres best friend, we all lived together. Anywho, Sharon decided to start a fight with me. I told her off. Gave her what for. Well I left for awhile to cool off. While I was gone she called Jason at work and freeked out on him telling him he needed to come home and handle this shit because she wasn't going to put up with me threating her. WHAT!? Okay so unbeknownst to me this is going on. I get back to the house. Take a shower and decide to ask Sharon why the hell she brought me out here to meet Dre if she was just going to decide to be a bitch and turn on me.
We started to talk. Jason came home from work. He said Dre said for Sharon to go ahead and call the cops if thats what she wanted to do. He couldn't stop her. And for me to leave the keys to the car and his room on the counter when I go. Yeah right!
Can you say FUCK OFF. I can. I did.
I did however leave. I packed up the little bit of stuff I had left over there, and moved the hell out.
Katie drove me over a little later to get some more of the stuff I forgot. Like my t.v. that I let Sharon borrow. WOW she was pissed..Ohhh doggie. Tough shit bitch. You shouldn't have started all the Jerry Springer bullshit I am still in Anacortes, and I will be going to get my daughter Sierra in just a week and three days. I am so excited!!!
Damn library. Got to go. Time is up.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Quick Update

Okay well I am at the Library again. Still in Anacortes but Dre and I have decided to just be friends. I have been talking to my ex~husband Jason about a possible reunion. We are speaking seriously of getting back together and seeing what happens. I have faced the fact that I am still in love with him. That truth be told I never fell out of love with him. I miss him deeply and he misses me. I don't know what will happen. I just know I am looking forward to finding out where things can go. I have never gotten over him. I never will. I think about him every single day many times a day. I really am hoping that I will be moving to Oregon soon.
And no its not just because Sierra and Lynn are there. Friends have asked me that. Not that I don't miss my babies. Because I surely do. Its just that I happen to miss their father too. He has been a very large part of my life. I have tried to move on. And it just doesn't work. No one compares to him. And no one ever will.
More later..................