Friday, July 25, 2008

My life

Is simply put.
All about this :

For my beautiful babies.
I miss you all so very much.
Pan you have become such an incredible young lady. I am so very very proud of you. ( don't tell your sisters..your my favorite kid!)
Sierra your art takes my breath away. I am so very very proud of you.(Don't tell your sisters your my favorite kid!)
Lynndsey. You are becoming quite the athlete and your goal to become a vetrinarian is awesome! I am so very very proud of you.( don't tell your sisters, you are my favorite kid!)
I am so blessed to be the mother of three fantastic, amazing, creative, funny, loveable, wonderful, beautiful girls.
You are all the best thing I ever did.
I love each of you for who you are. Unconditionally and for eternity,
There will never come a time that I will not be proud of you.
Any decisions you make for your life I will be behind you.
I hope that you will all spread your wings and fly.
Pan go to the Amazon and study anacondas if that is something you really want to do..
Sierra go to Paris to draw, go anywhere the wind blows you for that matter. Do that while you are young before you have kids!
Lynndsey. Become a vetrinarian go to school where ever you think is best no matter how far away it might be.
When you are older you can put down roots.
You cannot really put down those roots if the desire to fly has never been given into.
You cannot really put down roots when what you really want is to keep flying.
Then put down those roots when you know you are ready.
Never ever let anyone make you feel that you should not do what you want to do in this life.
Do not allow anyone to tell you how to live your life.
They are not the ones you need to make happy.
No one can make you happy but you.
No one can complete you. You ARE complete.
You are loved.
You are wonderful
You are beautiful.
And you are worth EVERYTHING.




Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wishes do not always come true

Well If dreams always came true or ever came true for me. I would be able to go get my girls. My car however has other plans. ALl I can think is that there must be a reason for this. Maybe we would get in an accident or something or maybe they need to be in Oregon all this summer. Maybe they need to be with their dad and Katie this summer and not me or their sister. I don't know. I just know that that is the way it is working out.
My car needs a heater core. Or maybe just a thermostat. My uncle is going to try the thermostat thing first. And if that doesn't fix the situation then we go to heater core. Only thing is that with my old hoopty the heater core is under the dash. I may have to give up my car if it comes to that. At least I can get the parts for fairly cheap. Its the labor that I can't afford. I don't know if my uncle will do the labor or not. All I know is that I am now going to stay in Long View and try to get a job here. I am tired of trying to get Social Security. I know they take their sweet time so that people will get frustrated and just go to work. And they are going to win in this case. Because I am done. Doctors be damned they aren't paying my bills and helping me survive.I have never been here before. Their is a large hospital in the area so that will be a good place to start looking. I have a lot of experience working in the medical field.I am going to be staying here with my moo for the time being. Not that I want to do that. But she is the only one who seems to want me around right now.
I can understand that other people have their own shit to worry about. I get it. I have been there. I tell you I have learned to never help people with a place to live. EVER AGAIN.The favor is never returned the same way.