Saturday, April 27, 2013

Yet again it has been a long while since I  have written anything to this blog. I can't believe how long I have had this, and how long it has been since I wrote. So much has happened. It isn't worth going over right at the moment though. Maybe at a time in the future after I have gotten used to this again. I have realized lately how much I miss blogging, how much it helps the old noggin to get stuff out. I am in school again, studying psychology. Something I have wanted to do since I had to stop when my 22 year old daughter wasn't even a year old. It has been a long time in the waiting. I am single yet again. I plan on keeping it that way at least for a time. I cannot seem to meet the right man. Maybe there isn't one out there just for me. Maybe I am one of those people who is just destined to be alone for the hardest parts of my life. Maybe I don't love myself enough yet, and so the universe is waiting patiently to put me together with the right person at the right time. More on that later. It feels good to just write. To allow words to flow from my brain to the screen.