Sunday, February 15, 2009


Okay well dad is doing pretty good he is just has a few loose wires now. Well a few more then before anyway, I tried to call but got no answer. I left a message and go no return call. They hate me. All is good and right in the world again!!
Thank You cowboy Joe and Deni. I miss you both so much. Thank you for stopping by the ol blog here and letting me know you care. I love you both. I just want you to know that. I will be coming by to see whats up with ya all!!

As for the rest of things.

G and K want more rent money. Which I obviously understand. I just can't afford to give them more then the 200.00 and food I give them. I also buy household stuff. But I know how it is when it comes to bills. They are all so high because its winter time. And that 200.00 I give them just doesn't go very far. Especially since Katie has been out of work due to being preggers then due to having baby. Oh she is soooo totally adorable btw. Shaelyn Marie Hurd. Born December 17th 2008. So cute and such a stinker!! Daddy calls her munchichie so when I saw when at safeway I told mom and she got her one for Valentines day/ Daddy was shocked as I was that they are still being made.
Anyway. I have no ill feeling towards G and K. I know how hard it is. And with the economy the way it is..well/
I am going to see what I can do about moving out. That was no problems arise and they can find a roommate who can afford to give them more money.
I was going to go on the road with Derek. But he informed me that he is not going to be driving anymore. They pissed him off real good this time and he's d0ne. He does have good reason I gotta give him that. I just can't go blabbing about it.
The gentelman I was going to go to Soap Lake to take care of passed away on the 25th of January. Bill Cotton you will be missed!!