Thursday, October 16, 2008

Been here

Well I have been here in Anacortes for almost a month and I have been doing some office work for Janet and have taken care of an elderly woman a few times for a friend who lives with her.
I have been keeping busy trying to earn a little bit of money to get a car. Mike and Janet have one for sale for a thousand bucks but its a big POS and I wouldn't pay a hundred for it. So thats out.
The girls are still far away. Pan is still at her grandparents house. She isn't in jobcore anymore. She got her NAC so she got a job then they fired her because she is only 17. Why the hell did they hire then??
Anyway. I guess she go back when she turns 18. I am sure she will have moved on.
She is a smart kid and I have faith in her.
Not much really to write about. Just frustrated and iritated at not being able to see my babies.