Sunday, February 27, 2005

A Meme For Jerzee

Okay here we go!
1)What time is it? 11:12 pm
2)Name as it appears on birth certificate. Which one? I have two, as I was adopted.Birth mother named me Toni Marie, parents named me Denise Joan.There names are Dennis and Joan. (Smooth I am a junior!)
3)Nicknames: Bumwheez(ty uncle Lewie) Beezer boo (ty sister Vicki)
The Queen (ty Buttman you are the only one who got it right the first time!)
Neecie, Neece, Neecer.
4) Piercings: ears 5 times, had my nose and eyebrow.
5)Eye color: Hazel
6) Favorite food: depends on the day, I love fresh seafood, but I think my favorite would have to be just about any kind of salad.
7) Ever been to Africa? No I haven't but I swear I will get there someday!
8) Ever been toilet papering? Yes absolutley I sure have and it was a helluva good time, the next day how ever my friend and I had a lot of cleaning up to do!
9)(OOPS i missed place of birth it was supposed to be number 6)
place of birth, Third rock from the sun.
10) Ever love someone so much it made you cry? There are three little people I live with that made me cry the day they where born, sometimes when they have been away, sometimes when they got hurt, sometimes when they made me laugh. God I love them so much it makes me cry now.
11) Been in a car accident? Yes just got whiplash though and a free ride to the hospital.
12) Croutons or bacon bits? Both please!
13) favorite day of the week? Monday, cuz that means all the good shows are back on tv, the kids go to school, and I can have a little peace and quite.
14) Favorite resteraunt? Fast food: Taco Bell, Fancy: The Red Lobster
15)Favorite flower: I have several, roses, lilacs, tiger lillies, and birds of paradise
16)Favorite sport to watch: HOCKEY! I love how the blood and ice come together and make this beautiful crystaline pink.
17)Favorite drink: non alchoholic, Mt Dew, alchoholic,Watermelon margarittas
18)Favorite Ice cream: Rootbeer
19)Disney or Warner Bros: Disney
20) Favorite fast food (hm forgot this was there) Taco Bell
21)What color is your bedroom carpet? Mauve (KAK) I hate it but hey I rent and it wasn't my choice.
22)How many times did you fail your drivers test? Once
23) From whom did you get your last email? Cowboy Joe Cool
24) Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? I don't believe in credit cards but if I had a substantial gift card I would want it to be for Fashion Bug cuz I need clothes BAD.
25)What do you do most often when you are bored? I don't usually get bored, there is always something to do.
26) Best time? I am not sure what this is referring to so I am going to go with 3 Am
27)Who will respond to this meme the quickest? Not sure
28) Who is the person you think is least likely to respond? Bitch in Boots
29) Favorite tv shows? M*A*S*H, Friends, King of the Hill, Simpsons, Animal rescue, Animal Cops, and vh1 videos.
30)Last person you went out to dinner with? Bitch in Boots and Snowvhite
31) Ford or Chevy? Dodge
32) What are you listening to right now?Theory of a dead man,no suprise
33) What is your favorite color? Green!
34) How many tattoos do you have? Three, a tiger butterfly on my shoulder in remembrance of my daughter Toni, a panda on my right ankle for Pan, and a fairy that I am going to get covered because it matches another I got with an ex friend and I don't like it.
35) Have you ever run out of gas? Yes I have, in the middle of nowhere with my sister and her then infant son and I swear to you we were saved by angels.
36) What is your favorite Book? Movie? Book, hmm, The color purple, and well its my favorite movie too.

Something I saw at mommy matters!
Ten things I have done that you probably haven't!
1) run across a log boom
2) drove around Vancouver BC for Four hours ( okay Bitch in Boots and Snowvhite don't count on this one!)
3) Had sex in the back of my fiance at the times van in front of a movie theater on a main street in the middle of a largeish city.
4)Had kidney dialisis when I was three because my kidneys failed.
5) Had emergency surgery to remove my gall bladder when I was 7 months pregnant . ( the damn thing exploded before he could get it in the dish and it was full of gang green, he said another 24 hours and me and bellie would have both persished.) That is the second time in my life where I was 24 hours from death, first time was when I was three.
6) Got Vince Neils sweat in my mouth when I went to the Motley Crue concert! I thought it was way cool at the time, now it grosses me out!
7) Fell of a running horse hit my head on a rock and passed out and was hurt pretty bad but I got back on the horse and rode it back to the barn, At the time I was more concerned about Aztec, because the saddles girth strap had broken and he had a gash in his side, He was worried about me, we kept checking on each other.
8) Had to make the decision to have my horse Copper sent to be glue and dog food because we couldn't afford to put him down and dig that big of a hole and my parents had spent thousands of dollars trying to make him better so they needed as much momey as they could get. We got 135 $ and with that check I was reminded that he was indeed dead. Makes me cry even know to think about it and I was 17then.
9) I was held by Kenny Rogers when I was an infant.
10) I brought three kids into this world with no pain meds at all. I wanted to remember every moment and I am lucky it was easy for me.
Well now that you all know much much more about me then you ever intended I will let you be so you can let it all soak in! HA HA!!!!
Have a great day everyone :)

Run around Vancouver!

Friday, bitch in boots came over and wanted to go for a drive, so I went, snowvhite went with us.We drove around near Seattle for a bit, then BIB says man we could have went to Canada. Well I immediatley wanted to go,I have never been to Canada and I have lived an hour and a half from the border all my life.
SO anyways we ended up not being able to go friday night so we decided to go on Saturday and make a day out of it. I posted a comment at Joe Cools and told him I would be near his neck of the woods. He emailed me and gave me his number and told me to call when we got there so he could join up with us and we could grab lunch or a drink or something in celebration of my birthday. Way cool! I get to go to Canada and Meet a blog friend. Well Snowvhite and I got up bright and early and got ready to go and we called BIB and she came along about an hour later and off we went to Canada! We waited in the line at the border for like an hour and a half or so. Where we were kept entertained by a bunch of teenagers looking for pot and going to vancouver to get drunk. And this ass hole guy that cut in front of someone who was already in line. Same asshole was seen to be shoving entire hohos in his mouth, then a bit later I watched in horror as he dug for gold up his nose and then promptly ate it! BIB caught it too because he did it twice and I was very loudly going on about how disgusting that just was. Then I yelled out the window, Hey was the crunchy or chewy! BIB rolled my window up and took away my window being down priveleges until I promised to be good. I then informed the pot seeking car full of teenagers what I had just seen and so we all stared at the booger eating asshole for about ten minutes! AH it was so much fun.
We then went to go exchange money and since BIB was the only one who had money and on her bank card we just went along for the walk.Come to find out they didn't have an atm at the border so we drove into Surrey to a gas station there where there was a sign saying dew worms, roe eggs and fish for bait for sail, well roe is eggs so we knew what that was and we know what fish are, but what the fuck is a dew worm?? So we go into the store and snowvhite asked the guy at the register which embarrased BIB for some reason.So anyway we never did SEE a dew worm and we had to go somewhere else to get cash, we ended up way off the beaten path and I don't remember the name of the place but the Mc Donalds looked like a church so we went to the church of Mickie Ds for lunch where I found a canadian quarter, that was the only money I had for the whole trip! Then we get into Vancouver and drive around allover the city for like four hours! Oh the things we saw there! I am going to post some pics tomarrow. As we walked around I saw a place where I could get a peep show for 25C. NO THANKYOU!!! I will pass on such a delight as that! I am so glad snowvhite had her camera with her because I saw the greatest window display. I hope the pic turns out because I want to post it.
We stopped at two different bar/taverns/pubs. I had a coke at one place and an ice water at another. Bib and snowvhite and expensive beer and a rum and coke.
Snowvhite finished off Bibs rum and coke and we decided to go to another part of the city to see what else we could see, then decided to just come home as it had been a very long day. Joe never did call me back I read his blog and it said he was at work very late, I forgive him of course But I really wish he would have called to let me know what was going on. All in all I had a lot of fun and we laughed so much my tummy hurts today, and all the walking we did has my legs hurting just a tad. Snowvhite said her but and hips hurt from being in the truck so long.
I am so glad that we went though, it was a great birthday present from BiB.
God I cannot believe that I am going to be 34 on tuesday. It seems like just yesterday I was a little girl in this very house and man Do I miss my grandpa all of a sudden.Oh yeah I wanted to say something else about Vancouver, at one point we passed this steakhouse called the Brave Steer! Yah gotta be REAL brave to be served up on a Plate!!!!!!
Hope everyone has a great day today.:)

Friday, February 25, 2005

Decided to Post anyway

I know I am pathetic, even though I should be laying down and ,well ,sleeping, I am so addicted to blogging that here I am posting.
Today among my possesions I found some interesting things.
Couch: Popcorn, torn out magazine pages, baby pictures, and an old red sucker.
Keyboard: MILK! YES, you saw that right, there was MILK in my frickin keyboard!!!!!!GRRRRRRR
My Bed: popcorn bits, a few tacs, an achievment award ( damn I wish it was for me heh heh heh) a library book about dinosaurs, and a shoe.
My desk drawer, cookie crumbs, a shaver, a pink crayon, and a stencil of some kind.
My Purse: a bratz sticker, a wad of gum in a wrapper ( not mine any of it) and a small sock (WHAT???)
My kitchen sink: (yes that again) every piece of silverware in the house,of course, a tac or two, a very crumbled sponge, the only part in tact was the scrubby part.And a damn near empty bottle of dish soap that I just bought and was full this morning!
Chair in living room: Just about every stitch of clothes the cobblings own, a sleepy cat (buddah), a few library books, and a match.(bad combo if you ask me!)
My bathtub: Not draining again so it was full of dirty kid took a bath with the dog water.(ew) and a bunch of floating shampoo bottles, and a shaver ( no wonder the dog looks a bit funny)and of course at the bottom a very slim reminder of what soap used to be.
I don't mind cleaning I really don't. I just would like for one day for the kids to not make a mess. Of course they would have to go on a trip with grandma and be gone for a day or two for that to happen.
I used to be anal and obsessive about my house being spotless. ( thanks mom) But I have learned to relax and just clean when they are gone at school. That way the house stays clean for at least a few hours a day.
I wonder how much it would cost to send them to boarding school????
Nah I would miss the fighting and arguing and the laughter and the popcorn bits every frickin where!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sinus Infections SUCK!

The pain in my head is unbearable! I almost think if it was equally distributed it would feel better. As it is , it is only on the left side of my face and head. It hurts! Feels like theres a rock band in my sinus cavities going full on with a jimi hendrix tune.
When I went to the Doctor today, I learned that I know longer have medical coverage. The kids do so we are good there, but I make 34$ to much to get medical from the state. So I owe my doctors office 15 $ for the office visit. Which is actually very cheap. Thankgod, and the doctor gave me samples because I told him I don't have any money or insurance at the moment. Which was very cool. I don't know however what I am going to do about all the other appointments I have lined up for next month. Regarding glasses and such neccassary things as that.
I guess I will continue to go around half blind. Thats alright I am getting used to bumping into things and squinting, and having to be two inches from my monitor or type in large font as I am now. LOL.
Oh my life hurts! Calgon take THEM away!
By them I mean stupid goevernment big wigs who don't seem to understand that NO ONE can live in 677.00 a month (L&I).
I would like to see them do that! Hell that barely covers my rent!
I found out today that its only because I have three children that I am entitled to 66% of the wages I made. I am confused. As employess we pay into L&I, yet it is the employer that pays for time loss. I don't get it? Where did all that money I paid in go? I am just a tad confused here.
Does anyone know anything about it? If so please inform me so I won't continue to walk around ignorant about this issue. I tried asking my worker and she came up with something out of the clear blue as an answer. Anyway, I am in the middle of making dinner and must go cut up cucumbers. THen I am going to go lay down and see if I can get some of the members of the Jimi Hendrix immatating rock band to leave my head.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I was tagged at me and my vampire thanks to Joe cool!

1) Grab the nearest book.
2) Open the book to page 123
3) Find the 5th sentence.
4) Post the text of the next three sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5) Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intelectual" book in your closet!!!!

As for the new psychic ability, that had nothing to do with it, he maintained. It seemed to be no more then some accidental side effect."Look all I get is a flash--a face, a name. It's totally unreliable.
Well not much happened today, I layed in bed for most of the day because I am not feeling well at all. I think I have a sinus infection.
My sister in law just had to go to the hospital last night because of the same thing. My sister was with her and when she got home she found the strangest thing!
Her outside (magic) broom was inside and it was braced between the wall and her bathroom door, about five feet up. She woke up D but he had no clue what she was talking about, buggy wasn't home so he couldn't have done it. And M is just not tall enough and there is no way she could have reached to that particular point from the toilet or the counter.This is when my sister tells me that there is a gentleman in her house who likes to make his presence known to her by doing certain things. We are talking about a spirit here folks.
I guess he will open the washer lid when it is halfway through its cycle, or the dryer, same deal halfway through drying. I can't remember what else she told me that he does. But last night he did the broom thing. She is very very weird about her brooms, she has an inside one that was left hanging in the closet in its special spot and when she got home it was leaning against her freezer. Which we both agree D could have done, but normally he is not a sweep the floor kind of person.
And her outside broom the one braced, usually is left outside her from door as a protection against, bad intentions, burgalars, evil, etc.
So she was just a little freaked out!!!!!
I say that he was trying to tell her something. As he has not done anything to hurt anyone it may be some kind of warning.
Anyway. I feel like I got hit by a steam roller so I am gonna go lay down. I may or may not post tomarrow I might just stay in bed for a day or two. I am rather frustrated that my very clean house has been wrecked by my cobblings.

Blatherings and blah blahs

Well I have a bunch of random stuff to say.. Just thoughts and all that that have been wandering through my mind today.
First of all please visit Nana's sweet peas and offer support to my friend who is going through a very bad time .( her mom has cancer)
Okay now that you are back.
I have been thinking about Buttman all damn day. I cannot get him out of my damn fool head. I haven't talked to him in almost a month and I am going nutters with wanting to talk to him about everything and anything under the sun.
Nej came over tonight and she and snowvhite drank a fifth of Jack Daniels between them.( I did not partake as I have to get up in a few hours to get children off to school and attend physical therapy myself)
We had lots of good conversation and laughed alot. Nej is Bitch in Boots and she has posted again ( Fuckin Finally!) Snowvhite and her guy nazrat got in a bit of a tiff and she ended up going to bed about 11:00. And believe me she needed to!
So SO SO SO SO SO VERY VERY VERY VERY DRUNK........stumbling around and missed the cup when she went to pour her last drink, She says " welp Immm dun"
Hee hee hee.
I had a strange dream last night ( see I told you I would post about it dl!)
Nazrat cam running in my room and began jumping up and down on my bed and pounding on my wall and telling me that he thought he had killed snow.
I said what the hell are you talking about Naz? he then said, OGOD I think I should KILL you now! I said But you don't even know if snow is dead yet. He said he didn't and started running in circles in my room and smacking himself in the head. I jumped up and said you didn't hurt the kids did you? He said no he thought he should probably maybe kill me first. I told him to quit acting like a loon and made him go upstairs with me to check on snowvhite. She was okay, bleeding from the ears and singing "crazy train"(OZZY!) and walking in circles in there room. I just went back downstairs and went back to sleep. That is when I was actually woken up by Snow asking the kids why they missed there bus!
What a wacky dream!!!!!!

(side note to Joe, you can look up laws online)

My cats are crazy, snows cat is soooo fat and spoiled and beautiful!
My dog is nutters and she is sooo cute! My fish are huge! I haven't looked at them for awhile and WOW, I think I need a bigger tank.
The birds look like they might be cold.
Its 2:34 am And I am talking bs now and I think it is time for me to go the fuck to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodnight everybody, Hope you all have a fabulous day :)

Monday, February 21, 2005

The thinker, the artist, and the music video maker

I am talking bout creative here folks, my kids are amazing to me!
Lynnie is the thinker and the youngest, she can put together a 300 peace puzzle in about an hour, work out just about any math problem, and she tends to be quite philosophical. Bellie is the artist, she can draw pretty much anything and it looks damn real.She is also quite funny, its all the creative juices it is, then theres the oldest who makes up lyrics, music, and videos. I need to get her a video camera so she can actually put her visions into reality. I think they all have a pretty good chance of making a good life for themselves once they get out into the real world. There are so many different things that they could do with the talents that they have. I was told that when I was younger. I was told that I should be a writer, that I should be a veterinarian, that I should be a Doctor or a nurse. I was told so many things, and I have so many talents that I could put to use. The problem these days is that everyone wants you to have a college education to do anything, including train horses. What happened to life skills.
What happened to just knowing how to do something, because it comes naturally to you? Take for instance horse training. I can do this, have done this.
Can I get a job as a horse trainer? NO! Why? you ask, because I didn't go to college for it. I learned it on my own, and at a place called Horse Country. Are my life experiences enough? No. Are my skills at this any good? Yes! I am excellent at training horses, I have my own methods and they work great!
I can take a green horse and within a month he is not only rideable, he is also friendly and willing to learn all the skills his owner wants him to have.
I can take a horse that was beaten and neglected, who is now mean as a wet rooster and in a month I will have him eating out of my hand and laying his head on my shoulder. This is not however good enough for anyone in the horse training world. And I am telling you right now. Alot of what they do is just soooo screwed up.
Do I think my kids should go to college? If thats what they want to do hey I support it one hundred percent. IF they don't want to go to college and they want to join the circus, Hell I support that too! I don't care what they do with there lives, I just hope that they are happy and that they are able to use the skills that come to them naturally. I have high hopes for them of course I do.
I am there mother. PUSH them to do anything, hell no I will not ! All that will accomplish is unhappy kids who resent me. I encourage there creativity, I encourage the art, the thinking, and the music. With out those things. What would we really have in this world?

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Somewhere out there in this big ol world there is a man wondering.
Wondering where his love is.
Well I tell ya, I am right here wondering where in the world my love is!
So where ever you are MR. Hurry your ass up and find me!!!!!!
I think we have been away from eachother long fucking enough and it is now time to meet up and get on with our lives!
I am tired of knowing that there is some one out there for me and yet not knowing where to find him.
I get lonely sometimes ya know.
Although mostly I love being single, I am now ready to start a relationship again. To have a signifigant other to share my life with, to talk to on rainy afternoons as we lay in bed and snuggle up all warm together.
Someone to share my thoughts and dreams and disapointments with.
Someone to laugh with and whisper too.
Someone to be silly and serious with.
Someone that will be by my side when the chips are down.
Someone that I can depend on to be honest, forthright, caring, loving, faithful.
Ah so many wants, so little time.
I am not asking for much. I don't go by looks, I go by the soul.
I don't go by the color of his eyes or the length ( or presence) of his hair.
I go by personality.
I have learned however that I must put some importance on financial means.
Simply because I cannot afford to support another person.
I am not saying that Mr has to be rich. No not by any means. He just has to have a job and be able to support himself.
I don't go by the type of car he drives, but I am not ever dating anyone with a pinto ever again! That my friends is just bad Ju-Ju.
Simply and plainly I want someone to love and be loved by, nay cherish and be cherished by.
Somewhere out there in this big ol world there is a man wanting the same.
The only question is. Will we ever chance to meet?

Friday, February 18, 2005

Just another day

Sometimes I wonder what I get so worried about, another day is always around the corner.
Another day to pay the bills, another day to clean the kitchen, another day to send the kids off to school. Another day to blog,post, check my email. Another day to check the snail mail and see that the only people that love me are those who want yet more money for provinding some service that I see as neccasary for survival.Another day to worry about what I am going to make for dinner, do I have enough milk or do I need to go to the store?
It's also another day to listen to my favorite tunes, post something, read my favorite blogs, check my email, and play with my kids, dog and cats. Its another day to see the people that I love, another day to make someone laugh or smile, another day to see what I have to give to charity, another day to maybe go to lunch with a treasured friend.Another day to go to the video store and see if they have any good bargains on kid movies, and maybe even one for me.Another day to write a letter to someone else so that they don't just get bills in there mail box. Another day to pray and thank god for said day.I guess it isn't JUST another day after all.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Hosted by Photobucket.comI just love frogs! I have them everywhere!

My house has been slowly getting spring clean!

Snowvhite and I are on a roll.

I just got my room all done, well I have

to still go through one little corner and then

I am done! I need to go through all the kids

clothes and shoes again and give away

what we don't need.

This is something I do all the time

as I am always getting clothes from thrift stores

I know that many people do this

so I like to give me clothes to charity.

I get alot of things from thrift stores as a matter

of fact. I love them, you can find just about

anything you want at a thrift store.

Alot of my frogs came from thrift stores.

As has alot of my furniture.

I got a three piece couch set for 50 bucks and

its still in great condition, I had to wait and

search for many months to find the right

one but it was worth it in the end!

I need to give away a bunch of blankets, I seem

to collect the damn things, and the kids go through

them so it is worth it. I just have too many at this

point. What I really should do is have a massive

yard sale, here in a month or two and offload some

stuff. I have a shed full of mattresses and box springs,

an old stove and a toilet!

Off I go to do more spring cleaning, ah the scent of bleach!

Monday, February 14, 2005


Art By The Queen and Bitch in Boots


Hosted by

Hosted by Photobucket.comHAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


Well, today is a better day, I got few hours of sleep and went to physical therapy and got a back rub, I wish I was there for my upper back and shoulders too, I think I will end up having to go back. I have noticed lately that I do not like leaving the house and that I am beggining to have panic attacks just thinking about having to go in public. Is it possible to develop aggoraphobia so late in life????? Just thinking about sitting in traffic or dealing with people anywhere in public makes me feel nervous and gittery and afraid. Just thinking about the fact that I have to leave my home makes me want to crawl back in bed and just stay there until the end of my days.
It hasn't gotten so bad that I do this mind you. I still make myself walk out the door and go wherever I gotta go. I just would rather not and the fear is getting worse by and by.
Not to sure when it started or why, as a matter of fact I just realized it the other day.I realized that whenever I am intending on walking out my front door, my chest gets all heavy and feels constricted and I get a little light headed, and I feel like I am having a heart attack, my palms get all sweaty and I get all shakey. I can't remember feeling like that before...
Anyway, on to better things. I went to a couple of web sites looking for graphics and stuff.
How fun to surf the net looking for stuff, I actually had to put my addled brain to use and man was there smoke!
I have to post a pic after I finish this post.
Bitch in Boots and I were exploring our childhoods yesterday and doodled on yahoo messenger together. We made a cute little pic that I want to share. It reminds me of first grade!!!!!
It was so fun though. Does anyone know of any web sites (free of course) where you can do that.
Make pictures and then be able to save them etc. wouldn't that be neat if there was.
Hmm maybe someone with more ambition then I could start one!!!!!
Anyway, I have to suck it up now and get ready to walk out the door again.
Here comes the shakes, and chest pain....
ARRRRGHGGGGGG. (gosh I like saying that!)
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2005


I thank everyone who left me a comment yesterday, they where sweet and funny and I needed it. I haven't slept since yesterday morning and I am very very very tired. I don't know what is going on when this happens I just know that I hate it. Under normal circumstances I would never think the thoughts I somewhat think right now during this time. Not to worry not to worry they are just really stupid thoughts. But it has brought me to thinking of other things, something that I read recently on tiny coconuts blog disturbed me greatly.
It was about prejudice. Mostly against those of a Jewish nature. I don't understand how there is still a problem with this shit going on????? I thought (wrongly evidently)I am just having a very big problem with this issue, I have never ever ever in my whole entire life understood what the big fat hairy deal was ( apperently is) with the color of someones skin, or the country they or there forefathers hailed from, or what they call god in the religion that they practice. I just don't get it. I mean do we alienate people because they have blue eyes, or brown?And I certainly don't see people being told they can't do this or that or live here or there because of the color of their hair. I am just wondering when the hell are we going to get a grip on the fact that we are ALL divine sparks of GOD, Allah, Yawee, Jehova, or ????.(different name, same entity) We all are loved and cherished by our creator and the least we could do is accept the fact that he made us different to amuse himself and to make things a bit more interesting for us, and harder. He didn't make us different so that we would hold those differences against each other, or to tell each other that our way of believing in him would cause us to go to hell, and he certainly didn't make us different so that we would fight over who believed in him the RIGHT way, the BETTER way.
Hmmm yes that just makes so much sense, hey you mikey, I 'm going to kill you because you don't think the same way I do! (Is that alright with you man?)
When are we going to stop judging people by the way they look, by who they may or may not worship, by where in the world they originated. When are we ever going to see everyone as a human being and get to know them for who they are.
I don't know about anybody else, but I like to talk to people, I don't care what they look like, rich or poor, fat or thin, hairy or bald, black or white, chinese, or martian, if someone has a great personality and they are good and kind and funny and honest. Well they are a friend of mine.

(The Queen steps down from her soapbox and walks quitely away)

Saturday, February 12, 2005

not much

Not much going on, I am kinda depressed and I guess I just want to hang out today,
Damn bi-polar crap, I am on a down swing and yes it sucks, hopefully tomarrow I will be feeling better again.
I accidentally started some Drama today, GOddammit I really didn't mean to do it, I thought someone already knew something and started talking to him about it. And to my suprise, HE was suprised....Accckkk, now I had to call my other friend and tell her what I did but I can't get ahold of her. I feel like such an ass....
It doesn't help that I am already in a low spot today, that mistake just made me feel like a major shit .
I gotta go to the store and get some avacados for dinner. I don't much feel up to leaving comments on my usual vistits, I am afraid that I would just be depressing, And I don't want to do that to anyone, so I am going to avoid everyone for the day, at least this part of the day anyway. I hope thats alright with everyone. I just think its for the best. It may be a few days actually. I hope you all are feeling much, much better then I am.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Epiphany at 3:16 am

First you jump through a bunch of hoops while trying to stay afloat, sometimes you are eaten alive, and at the end of your life you go through a long dark tunnel, and into the light!

Yes it occured to me that I have strange thoughts while I am trying desperatley to fall asleep! :)
Have a great day everyone, and enjoy your cereal!!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

It slipped my mind

I had a really great post idea and something I wanted to say! But with my feeble mind of middle age it has gone somewhere and is hiding from me. I wonder if it will come back at some point in the middle of the night, or maybe while I am driving down the road, and I will shout out "OH "
then I will laugh at myself and my kids will wonder what the heck is wrong with their mother!
I am considering having a pen and paper with me at all times just so I can write down the things that I remember that I forgot about earlier.
Probably a good idea for an old lady such as myself to consider.
I think I worked with the elderly too long.
I keep telling people that Alzheimers is contagious, everyone laughs, no one believes me!
I'm serious, Somedays I think I am recovering, then I can't remember what I might be recovering from.
Taking centrum silver and excercising and reading the classics hasn't helped my brain function any better.
I think I had better seriouly consider retiring to an Adult Family Home just so other people can keep track of what I am supposed to be doing and where I am supposed to be and when.
So someone can remind me of the things that I want to say.
So someone can cook my meals and not let them burn, I am sure they won't forget that dinner is in the oven and take my kids to the park.
What the hell am I writing about?
I had a point to this.......hmmm
Dammit, its lost,
I can't remember.
I knew I should have written it down first.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


In 19 days I will be 34.
No I am not unhappy about this, but there are a few things I would like to wish for!
(yes this is another list)
I would like Chad kroeger to sing happy birthday to me.
I would like a pony with a bright pink ribbon tied in his forelock.
I would like a weekend at a spa, where I would be completely catered to in absolute silence .
I would like to travel to Hawaii to go to this spa, which would of course have such activities as swimming with dolphins and watching half naked men dance around with fire sticks.
I would like to have Buttman tell me he is in love with me.
I would like to have a shopping spree at a music / video store.
I would like a gift card for my local gas station worth 500.00
I would like a gift card to walmart with no limit!
I would like a punching bag
and to go with that my own personal meditation coach,so I don't have to think so much.
I would like a brand new refrigerator, (that does not leak all over my floor)
I would like 16 brand new fluffy towels .
I would like to sing on American Idol and actually get voted for.
I would like to own a 64 and a half Ford Mustang with tinted windows, midnight metallic blue paint, and chrome everything else.
I would like a 100 gallon fish tank and all the stuff with it to make it into the most fabulous tree frog paradise, Including frogs.
I would like to have a conversation with GOD for just 10 minutes.
I would like to be world famous for something great just for one day.
I would like a new pair of shoes.
I would like to punch M. J. in the head
I would like a money tree to suddenly sprout up in my huge planter inside and be chock full of green leaves of cash.
I would like a magic lamp so I can make three wishes (including being able to make more wishes)
I would LOVE to just spend the day with my kids doing somthing fun and maybe go see a movie and go out for dinner and ice cream. That would be the MOST fabulous gift ever in the history of the world. Will I get it? Hmm , see above and tell me if you think I will get any of that either.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

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Hershey the Hampster with Pan!

as per smokey smurf

There is a new post at SSS, which includes a special Valentine's day treat for Joe Cool,
I figured since he is going through a rough time right now he could do with a bit of fantasy!

Haven't done much today other then get addicted to a game that ejatnazrat installed for me on my computer. God it is so addicting and fun and I just love it, I started playing at 10 am and stopped at 10 pm, that is a long time to sit and do nothing but tease my feeble mind!

I posted the pic above for smokey smurf also! His name is Hershey and he is a blackbear hamster, friendliest little thing in the world! And soooo cute to boot :)

Monday, February 07, 2005

THANKS BOABHAN You are a single womans worst nightmare!!!!!


My hand has been forced!

1)What is the best valentines gift you have ever received?

hmm, I have to think about that....I don't think I have ever gotten a valentines gift from a man.

2)What would be your "DREAM VALENTINE GIFT"?

A trip to hawaii with a marriage proposal attached!

3)What was the worst Valentine gift you ever received?
My ex husband went to a strip club and left me home alone all night while he and his friend "played" with the strippers.

4)Have you ever gone to an adult toy store on Valentines day?


5)Is "s" mandantory on Valentines day?

TIME is mandatory, "S" is not.

6)(Choose one) Would you rather:a)take a walk(through the park, in the woods, by the shore)

b)Have alot of money spent on you (dinner,dancing,a five star hotel)

c) get drunk and make spastic monkey love?

a picnic in a secluded spot in the woods under the stars, a little champagne and a long slow session of love making would be my choice, but at this point I would accept dinner at mcdonalds, skinny dipping, and a quikie!

7) If you where single on Valentines day would you send yourself flowers?

nope, I might buy some just to make mulch though!

8)Chocolate or flowers?

Both silly.... sheesh do I have to tell you everything?????

9)Is it all about the nookie?

I would certainly hope not!

10) Is it a "lovers holiday" or a female appreciation holiday"?

I am going with a lovers holiday on this one, at least I think it should be!

11)Whats the best gift you have ever given on Valentines day?

I made a romantic dinner for two ( the baby Pan went to grandmas for the night)

I made his favorite dishes of course,put on some soft music, and one of his ties,

and lit the candles. I had rose petals on the bed and yeah it was all good.

12)Do you send romantic or funny cards?

Depends on who I am sending to :)

13)What famous person would be your valentine?

CHAD KROEGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14) Who are you sentencing to this Valentine Day Massacre


Joe cool





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Can you believe my ten year old drew this !


As you can see I have learned a few things and have added pics !!!! Woo Hoo! photobucket rocks it sure as heck does! I am going to be adding a few more also, including pics of all the pets I keep talking about! See my pride and joy below this post!

Breathing For Four

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I do not breathe for myself alone,but also for these three.
My heart does not beat for myself alone,but also for these three.
Thankyou God for the gift of these three!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

okay just posting something

Not really sure what to post about today,
Not much interesting has happened today, slept in until like 3:30.
I was awake off and on from about 11:00 or so. Didn't get to bed and get to sleep until about 5 am.
Got up and did some dishes and some laundry and my roniveggie(snovhite) helped me clean by sweeping and organizing and such. We did a bang up job if you ask me. Even got the kids to bring down more of the missing dishes.
Damn dishes just don't know how to stay where they belong.
Found some interesting stuff in the bathtub yesterday.
2 empty shampoo bottles, an empty bottle of perfume, like 50 hair bobbers, a scoby doo head,
a stick from outside, some bird seed, a few wood shavings,a glob of hair (eww).
Lets see oh yes two barbie heads and one barbie body.A soaking wet towel, a sock and a pair of underwear, a shoe,a small teddy bear, and a black ring of dirt. The kids had apperently taken the opportunity in my absence to go across the street and play in the dirt hill created by the construction guys. Oh dear lord save my poor plumbing!
Found some stuff under the coffee table when we moved that, bunch of papers,a few beaded braclets, a nickel (which was instantly used for the purchase of smokes)
and a mass of bird seed.
While perusing under the sofa cushions (looking for loose change for purchase of cigs) I found the same scoobie head,( man that thing gets around for being inanimate and legless)a bunch of hair bobbers and another beaded braclet. The thing that surprised me the most was the fact that I had found a weeks worth of popcorn in the loveseat! I just put the cushions back and ignored the golden treasure.
I know I know I just didn't have the umppff to clean up that mess, I will do before the night is through, I am still on a break. Thankgod for friends with ocd who need a place to live!
Thats about it other then making dinner and reading blogs. I made crispy chicken patties and mashed potatoes and green salad for dinner with ranch dressing, YUM!
I love to cook, well at least at the moment I am in my I love to cook faze. I don't know how long that will actually last......
If ya'll had a more interesting day that I did, let me hear about it, and thankyou to everyone who wished me to feel better, I think it worked, and for everyone who commented about sss.
Thankyou I needed to know I wasn't waisting my time writing that stuff.:)
have a great evening everyone and to everyone a great evening!

Friday, February 04, 2005


I want comments on S.S.S. I mean NOW people NOW!!!!!!!!!
Yes I am a brat and yes I am whining/yelling/throwing a fit!!!!!!!!!


Joe's Questions My Answers

1* If you could have dinner with one living person in the entire world who would it be and why?
Oprah Winfrey,because she has been through so much and come so far and she is such an enlightened person, she believes alot of the same things I believe in and I love her angel network.I would like to just talk to her for a few hours and get more personal insights.

2*If you could have lunch with one deceased person in the entire history of the world who would it be and why?
I would have to say Christopher Columbus,because I have a question for him.

3* If you could ask only one question of number one what would it be?
I would ask.....If she has ever left anyone behind and felt bad about it.

4*If you could ask only one question of number two what would it be?
I would ask Sir Columbus what the hell made him think he was in India when he landed here!

If those people were not available I would want to have lunch with Alan Alda and I would ask him what his fondest memory of filming M*A*S*H was. I would want to have lunch with Jimi Hendrix and ask him to tell me his favorite acid trip memory.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I am a limp noodle

I do not feel good, no,no,no I do not.
I want to go curl up on my bed like I have been all day and watch t.v. and sleep and drift in and out of conciousness.
I have a fever of 101.5 and my head feels like someone magicked it to become as heavy as a bowling bowl. A 50 pound bowling ball at that.
Wah , wah, wah, somebody call the wahmulance cuz I need some cheese with this whine....
Oh I need some tylenol and some orange juice and some chicken broth, tea, and toast.
I am going to go lay down again.
Sorry to all the folks I usually visit, I am just not up to sitting here anylonger.
I will catch up to you tomarrow or the next day if I can get out of bed.
Wah wah wah whine sniffle cough sneeze wha wha wha............

so, so , so , icky do I feel today... :(


Two new entries, bring your smokes and maybe a towel!!!! Feedback is appreciated!!!:)


The stick was handed to me by JERZEE , so here goes with my music meme.

1)What is the total amount of music files on your computer?

NONE this jurassic boat anchor will not support music files, with only 300mg of memory.(suprised I'm even on line!)

2)The last cd you bought was?

Nickelback, the long road ( god I just love those guys)

3)List 5 songs that you listen to often or that mean something to you.

1* Iron Man, (black sabbath/Ozzy) first ROCK song I ever heard and I was hooked in a twinkling, and it also makes me um er egh well never mind.

2*This is how you remind me (Nickleback) personal reasons I do not at this point wish to reveal

3*I feel the earth move (Carol King) I just totally love that song

4*Alive (pearl jam) met eddy vedder once

5* Witchy woman (the eagles) the song just rocks!

4)Who are you gonna stick it to next and why?
Well I am not taking this as sexuall and I just stuck it to a guy named exile who was very rude to dl.

5) Who are you going to pass this stick to why?

oh man now I have to think! crap!

ummmmmm aaaaaa ummmmmmm hmm???????

Bitch in Boots cuz shes my jeminafurburger (hee hee hee)

cedia ( can't wait to see what she does with it!)

and aaaaaa hmmmm ummmmm errrrrrr

Joe cool ( can't remember if ya did one or not if ya did then I pass the stick to lsoui and his nonblog heh heh heh) I am hoping that I am remembering right that you didn't get meme'd joe! Cuz I wanna be the first! LOL:)

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

For My Babies Three

The flame of
a candle
could never

The light of a
no matter how

The light of a
star, no matter
how near
or far,

Could ever
to the light
that you are.

The Wrong Eggs Dammit! and LOFL

I am so laughing my fucking ass off right now!
Lets see a little history is nessisary here.
My family loves hard boiled eggs, I make at least a half dozen everyday
for the kids to have as snacks or to make sandwhiches out of.
Well I keep these hard boiled eggs in a tall cup in the fridge.
I told Bellie earlier not to eat the eggs as they where to go in the salad that we where having for dinner. I also told her not to eat any raw eggs, as we only have a few left and I may need them for cooking purposes.
Anyway we ended up having quesidias for dinner so I could save the eggs for snacks.
The kids go to bed and I am sitting here reading blog after blog, cuz I am addicted like that and can't get enough. Anyway, I get hungry and decide I will have an egg.
Thank goodness I went to crack it in the sink, as bellie had obviously gotten into the hard boileds and decided in her sneaky corn bread fashion to replace them with raw eggs! What a mess..again I am soooo glad I went to crack it in the sink!

I don't really have much more to say.
I have been inspired to read the classics, I am currently reading Oliver Twist.
What a great book!
I tried to start reading Don Quixote last night and let me tell you it is gonna take me a while to get through that one. I couldn't sink into like I normally do a book.
Not that it isn't good, It is just written very oddly and I haven't gotten into the groove yet.
I went to the library yesterday and picked up 11 classics, including The Scarlet Letter, and Pickwick Papers, and The Adventures of Huckelberry Fin. and more that I can't recall at the moment, I really wanted to find Mobey Dick as I have never read it and I really want to. As a matter of fact I am ashamed to say that I have never read many, many ,many of the classics. As another matter of fact I can tell you I have only read one that I can think of right off the top of my head. To Kill a Mockingbird. I have been too into reading other things like sci-fi and anything Anne Rice. God ls oui is right I need to work on punctuation and grammar and all that mess. Just to tired forgive me ls.
Anyway, I am going to bed, to tired to stay awake anymore, hmm yeah right I will probably read a few more blogs and then read more Oliver Twist and then take the kids to school then finally after that and its nice and bright outside and peaceful in my home, I will close my eyes and fall asleep. Please god Please!