Thursday, February 03, 2005

I am a limp noodle

I do not feel good, no,no,no I do not.
I want to go curl up on my bed like I have been all day and watch t.v. and sleep and drift in and out of conciousness.
I have a fever of 101.5 and my head feels like someone magicked it to become as heavy as a bowling bowl. A 50 pound bowling ball at that.
Wah , wah, wah, somebody call the wahmulance cuz I need some cheese with this whine....
Oh I need some tylenol and some orange juice and some chicken broth, tea, and toast.
I am going to go lay down again.
Sorry to all the folks I usually visit, I am just not up to sitting here anylonger.
I will catch up to you tomarrow or the next day if I can get out of bed.
Wah wah wah whine sniffle cough sneeze wha wha wha............

so, so , so , icky do I feel today... :(

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