Sunday, February 20, 2005


Somewhere out there in this big ol world there is a man wondering.
Wondering where his love is.
Well I tell ya, I am right here wondering where in the world my love is!
So where ever you are MR. Hurry your ass up and find me!!!!!!
I think we have been away from eachother long fucking enough and it is now time to meet up and get on with our lives!
I am tired of knowing that there is some one out there for me and yet not knowing where to find him.
I get lonely sometimes ya know.
Although mostly I love being single, I am now ready to start a relationship again. To have a signifigant other to share my life with, to talk to on rainy afternoons as we lay in bed and snuggle up all warm together.
Someone to share my thoughts and dreams and disapointments with.
Someone to laugh with and whisper too.
Someone to be silly and serious with.
Someone that will be by my side when the chips are down.
Someone that I can depend on to be honest, forthright, caring, loving, faithful.
Ah so many wants, so little time.
I am not asking for much. I don't go by looks, I go by the soul.
I don't go by the color of his eyes or the length ( or presence) of his hair.
I go by personality.
I have learned however that I must put some importance on financial means.
Simply because I cannot afford to support another person.
I am not saying that Mr has to be rich. No not by any means. He just has to have a job and be able to support himself.
I don't go by the type of car he drives, but I am not ever dating anyone with a pinto ever again! That my friends is just bad Ju-Ju.
Simply and plainly I want someone to love and be loved by, nay cherish and be cherished by.
Somewhere out there in this big ol world there is a man wanting the same.
The only question is. Will we ever chance to meet?

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