Sunday, February 13, 2005


I thank everyone who left me a comment yesterday, they where sweet and funny and I needed it. I haven't slept since yesterday morning and I am very very very tired. I don't know what is going on when this happens I just know that I hate it. Under normal circumstances I would never think the thoughts I somewhat think right now during this time. Not to worry not to worry they are just really stupid thoughts. But it has brought me to thinking of other things, something that I read recently on tiny coconuts blog disturbed me greatly.
It was about prejudice. Mostly against those of a Jewish nature. I don't understand how there is still a problem with this shit going on????? I thought (wrongly evidently)I am just having a very big problem with this issue, I have never ever ever in my whole entire life understood what the big fat hairy deal was ( apperently is) with the color of someones skin, or the country they or there forefathers hailed from, or what they call god in the religion that they practice. I just don't get it. I mean do we alienate people because they have blue eyes, or brown?And I certainly don't see people being told they can't do this or that or live here or there because of the color of their hair. I am just wondering when the hell are we going to get a grip on the fact that we are ALL divine sparks of GOD, Allah, Yawee, Jehova, or ????.(different name, same entity) We all are loved and cherished by our creator and the least we could do is accept the fact that he made us different to amuse himself and to make things a bit more interesting for us, and harder. He didn't make us different so that we would hold those differences against each other, or to tell each other that our way of believing in him would cause us to go to hell, and he certainly didn't make us different so that we would fight over who believed in him the RIGHT way, the BETTER way.
Hmmm yes that just makes so much sense, hey you mikey, I 'm going to kill you because you don't think the same way I do! (Is that alright with you man?)
When are we going to stop judging people by the way they look, by who they may or may not worship, by where in the world they originated. When are we ever going to see everyone as a human being and get to know them for who they are.
I don't know about anybody else, but I like to talk to people, I don't care what they look like, rich or poor, fat or thin, hairy or bald, black or white, chinese, or martian, if someone has a great personality and they are good and kind and funny and honest. Well they are a friend of mine.

(The Queen steps down from her soapbox and walks quitely away)

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