Saturday, February 12, 2005

not much

Not much going on, I am kinda depressed and I guess I just want to hang out today,
Damn bi-polar crap, I am on a down swing and yes it sucks, hopefully tomarrow I will be feeling better again.
I accidentally started some Drama today, GOddammit I really didn't mean to do it, I thought someone already knew something and started talking to him about it. And to my suprise, HE was suprised....Accckkk, now I had to call my other friend and tell her what I did but I can't get ahold of her. I feel like such an ass....
It doesn't help that I am already in a low spot today, that mistake just made me feel like a major shit .
I gotta go to the store and get some avacados for dinner. I don't much feel up to leaving comments on my usual vistits, I am afraid that I would just be depressing, And I don't want to do that to anyone, so I am going to avoid everyone for the day, at least this part of the day anyway. I hope thats alright with everyone. I just think its for the best. It may be a few days actually. I hope you all are feeling much, much better then I am.

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