Wednesday, February 09, 2005


In 19 days I will be 34.
No I am not unhappy about this, but there are a few things I would like to wish for!
(yes this is another list)
I would like Chad kroeger to sing happy birthday to me.
I would like a pony with a bright pink ribbon tied in his forelock.
I would like a weekend at a spa, where I would be completely catered to in absolute silence .
I would like to travel to Hawaii to go to this spa, which would of course have such activities as swimming with dolphins and watching half naked men dance around with fire sticks.
I would like to have Buttman tell me he is in love with me.
I would like to have a shopping spree at a music / video store.
I would like a gift card for my local gas station worth 500.00
I would like a gift card to walmart with no limit!
I would like a punching bag
and to go with that my own personal meditation coach,so I don't have to think so much.
I would like a brand new refrigerator, (that does not leak all over my floor)
I would like 16 brand new fluffy towels .
I would like to sing on American Idol and actually get voted for.
I would like to own a 64 and a half Ford Mustang with tinted windows, midnight metallic blue paint, and chrome everything else.
I would like a 100 gallon fish tank and all the stuff with it to make it into the most fabulous tree frog paradise, Including frogs.
I would like to have a conversation with GOD for just 10 minutes.
I would like to be world famous for something great just for one day.
I would like a new pair of shoes.
I would like to punch M. J. in the head
I would like a money tree to suddenly sprout up in my huge planter inside and be chock full of green leaves of cash.
I would like a magic lamp so I can make three wishes (including being able to make more wishes)
I would LOVE to just spend the day with my kids doing somthing fun and maybe go see a movie and go out for dinner and ice cream. That would be the MOST fabulous gift ever in the history of the world. Will I get it? Hmm , see above and tell me if you think I will get any of that either.

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