Friday, February 18, 2005

Just another day

Sometimes I wonder what I get so worried about, another day is always around the corner.
Another day to pay the bills, another day to clean the kitchen, another day to send the kids off to school. Another day to blog,post, check my email. Another day to check the snail mail and see that the only people that love me are those who want yet more money for provinding some service that I see as neccasary for survival.Another day to worry about what I am going to make for dinner, do I have enough milk or do I need to go to the store?
It's also another day to listen to my favorite tunes, post something, read my favorite blogs, check my email, and play with my kids, dog and cats. Its another day to see the people that I love, another day to make someone laugh or smile, another day to see what I have to give to charity, another day to maybe go to lunch with a treasured friend.Another day to go to the video store and see if they have any good bargains on kid movies, and maybe even one for me.Another day to write a letter to someone else so that they don't just get bills in there mail box. Another day to pray and thank god for said day.I guess it isn't JUST another day after all.

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