Monday, February 07, 2005

THANKS BOABHAN You are a single womans worst nightmare!!!!!


My hand has been forced!

1)What is the best valentines gift you have ever received?

hmm, I have to think about that....I don't think I have ever gotten a valentines gift from a man.

2)What would be your "DREAM VALENTINE GIFT"?

A trip to hawaii with a marriage proposal attached!

3)What was the worst Valentine gift you ever received?
My ex husband went to a strip club and left me home alone all night while he and his friend "played" with the strippers.

4)Have you ever gone to an adult toy store on Valentines day?


5)Is "s" mandantory on Valentines day?

TIME is mandatory, "S" is not.

6)(Choose one) Would you rather:a)take a walk(through the park, in the woods, by the shore)

b)Have alot of money spent on you (dinner,dancing,a five star hotel)

c) get drunk and make spastic monkey love?

a picnic in a secluded spot in the woods under the stars, a little champagne and a long slow session of love making would be my choice, but at this point I would accept dinner at mcdonalds, skinny dipping, and a quikie!

7) If you where single on Valentines day would you send yourself flowers?

nope, I might buy some just to make mulch though!

8)Chocolate or flowers?

Both silly.... sheesh do I have to tell you everything?????

9)Is it all about the nookie?

I would certainly hope not!

10) Is it a "lovers holiday" or a female appreciation holiday"?

I am going with a lovers holiday on this one, at least I think it should be!

11)Whats the best gift you have ever given on Valentines day?

I made a romantic dinner for two ( the baby Pan went to grandmas for the night)

I made his favorite dishes of course,put on some soft music, and one of his ties,

and lit the candles. I had rose petals on the bed and yeah it was all good.

12)Do you send romantic or funny cards?

Depends on who I am sending to :)

13)What famous person would be your valentine?

CHAD KROEGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14) Who are you sentencing to this Valentine Day Massacre


Joe cool





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