Friday, February 25, 2005

Decided to Post anyway

I know I am pathetic, even though I should be laying down and ,well ,sleeping, I am so addicted to blogging that here I am posting.
Today among my possesions I found some interesting things.
Couch: Popcorn, torn out magazine pages, baby pictures, and an old red sucker.
Keyboard: MILK! YES, you saw that right, there was MILK in my frickin keyboard!!!!!!GRRRRRRR
My Bed: popcorn bits, a few tacs, an achievment award ( damn I wish it was for me heh heh heh) a library book about dinosaurs, and a shoe.
My desk drawer, cookie crumbs, a shaver, a pink crayon, and a stencil of some kind.
My Purse: a bratz sticker, a wad of gum in a wrapper ( not mine any of it) and a small sock (WHAT???)
My kitchen sink: (yes that again) every piece of silverware in the house,of course, a tac or two, a very crumbled sponge, the only part in tact was the scrubby part.And a damn near empty bottle of dish soap that I just bought and was full this morning!
Chair in living room: Just about every stitch of clothes the cobblings own, a sleepy cat (buddah), a few library books, and a match.(bad combo if you ask me!)
My bathtub: Not draining again so it was full of dirty kid took a bath with the dog water.(ew) and a bunch of floating shampoo bottles, and a shaver ( no wonder the dog looks a bit funny)and of course at the bottom a very slim reminder of what soap used to be.
I don't mind cleaning I really don't. I just would like for one day for the kids to not make a mess. Of course they would have to go on a trip with grandma and be gone for a day or two for that to happen.
I used to be anal and obsessive about my house being spotless. ( thanks mom) But I have learned to relax and just clean when they are gone at school. That way the house stays clean for at least a few hours a day.
I wonder how much it would cost to send them to boarding school????
Nah I would miss the fighting and arguing and the laughter and the popcorn bits every frickin where!

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