Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Oso Strong

On March 22nd 2014 a massive mudslide wiped out an entire neighborhood in Oso, Washington. Most people have never even heard of Arlington or Darrington let alone, Oso, or Hazel. Now the world knows exactly where it is. 43 people from my community where killed in that slide. There where some survivors, people who will now have to try to rebuild their lives with out their loved ones, or their homes, or pets, or any of their belongings. One mother lost three of her children and her husband. I don't know how she is going on every day, I think it might have something to do with her miracle boy, the only one in the family who was home that survived. A young woman lost her mother and her infant daughter. What a devastating thing to go through at such a young age! I don't know how they stay so strong. They are a wonderment to me. I have much admiration for all the survivors, for all of those who lost people they love on that tragic day. Two people are still missing, their bodies may never be found as each day brings them closer to becoming one with the earth. I can only hope that their families and friends can find peace without the body of their cherished person. This event has devastated an entire state. Especially the closer cities and towns. These people were our neighbors, we are all connected to all of them in some way, whether we knew it before March 22nd or not. We all knew them, we all loved them, we had all seen them in the grocery store, or walking down town, or at one or more of the many events our towns put on. We ALL have broken hearts and miss every single one of them. They will never ever be forgotten. Something else that will never be forgotten are the many heroes who jumped right in and rescued people. Defying orders from police officers they went in any way and saved lives. You can't tell a father no when he doesn't know what is happening to his family and he has to get across a debri field. That man WILL make it across and he WILL save many lives on his way to his home. You cannot look at a logger and tell him NOT to go in up to his eyebrows in mud when he hears screams for help. Well you can, but he won't listen. Around these parts you can't tell a man not to go in and look for his brother. The loggers around here will dress that man as one of their own and get him out into the pile and then they will help him search. For weeks.
Around here you don't get to tell these folks not to go out and look for their neighbors, friends, and relatives. You get ignored. We are HICKS. You can take your rules and safety and shove it Mr. because we WILL go out there. You want something done. Call someone from Oso, Hazel, Arlington, or Darrington. We will get r done.
Around here you don't tell people NOT to volunteer, or to donate directly to those affected. We will do it anyway. We will take care of our own. FEMA can keep their money. People from all over the world have donated and there is plenty to go around that none of them will have to pay back. Fema is a JOKE. When it comes to funds. I mean seriously. People are supposed to pay back what they are given! Ya right, they have nothing to give!!!! Their entire world has been literally flipped upside down and inside out by a MASSIVE mud slide. People they love treated the same way by a ruthless rush of mud, trees, rocks, and water. They need help. Not another debt!!!!!
All I have to say is FEMA  go home.
The people of this community will take care of our lost and injured. We will make sure the survivors get everything they need that we can possibly give them to heal and rebuild their lives. They will know that every single person around them is supportive. That we love them and care about them and will not forget them.
I am OSO