Saturday, February 05, 2005

okay just posting something

Not really sure what to post about today,
Not much interesting has happened today, slept in until like 3:30.
I was awake off and on from about 11:00 or so. Didn't get to bed and get to sleep until about 5 am.
Got up and did some dishes and some laundry and my roniveggie(snovhite) helped me clean by sweeping and organizing and such. We did a bang up job if you ask me. Even got the kids to bring down more of the missing dishes.
Damn dishes just don't know how to stay where they belong.
Found some interesting stuff in the bathtub yesterday.
2 empty shampoo bottles, an empty bottle of perfume, like 50 hair bobbers, a scoby doo head,
a stick from outside, some bird seed, a few wood shavings,a glob of hair (eww).
Lets see oh yes two barbie heads and one barbie body.A soaking wet towel, a sock and a pair of underwear, a shoe,a small teddy bear, and a black ring of dirt. The kids had apperently taken the opportunity in my absence to go across the street and play in the dirt hill created by the construction guys. Oh dear lord save my poor plumbing!
Found some stuff under the coffee table when we moved that, bunch of papers,a few beaded braclets, a nickel (which was instantly used for the purchase of smokes)
and a mass of bird seed.
While perusing under the sofa cushions (looking for loose change for purchase of cigs) I found the same scoobie head,( man that thing gets around for being inanimate and legless)a bunch of hair bobbers and another beaded braclet. The thing that surprised me the most was the fact that I had found a weeks worth of popcorn in the loveseat! I just put the cushions back and ignored the golden treasure.
I know I know I just didn't have the umppff to clean up that mess, I will do before the night is through, I am still on a break. Thankgod for friends with ocd who need a place to live!
Thats about it other then making dinner and reading blogs. I made crispy chicken patties and mashed potatoes and green salad for dinner with ranch dressing, YUM!
I love to cook, well at least at the moment I am in my I love to cook faze. I don't know how long that will actually last......
If ya'll had a more interesting day that I did, let me hear about it, and thankyou to everyone who wished me to feel better, I think it worked, and for everyone who commented about sss.
Thankyou I needed to know I wasn't waisting my time writing that stuff.:)
have a great evening everyone and to everyone a great evening!

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