Sunday, July 23, 2006

Myspace misery

Just when I started to enjoy myspace it became riddled with problems. Everyone I know in Washington cannot access it. I don't know when I will be back on here. Billy went to California to get work and get us a place down there. I am supposed to leave around the fifth but I am not sure yet it I am or not. I am actually hoping he will come back here. Even though we have nothing here other then friends and family. He has friends and a son in cali so that is where he wants to be. And he says he knows he can do better down there then here. So far though he has only made enough money to get cigarettes and something to eat everyday. Which makes me nervous. I am not going down there until he has a place set for the girls and I to go to. We are still very much in love. We are just going through a lot of changes.
It is extremely hot here right now. But it is even hotter in Northern Cali. A lot of the delay is due to the heat wave as the truckers are not wanting to talk to anyone they want to stay in there air conditioned trucks and not dick with anything else. And there is hardly any trucks there.
I told him maybe that means he will be extra busy this week.
I wonder if I will make it to Cali and if I do what will it be like?

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