Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Uhtohhh I'mmmm ba ack!

Well here I am again. Guess I didn't want to stay away for ever. I think I just needed a good long break. You know how when you do something for a really long time it suddenly becomes tedious and you just don't want to deal with it anymore. Thats how I was feeling. And to top it off ex family reading the blog didn't help. ( not you Vickianntoria)
Alot has happend since I stopped blogging. I am now in Anancortes again,and have met someone very special. His name is Andre. He was born on the Island of Antigua in the Carribean and he lived there until he was 11 then his mother took him and his sister and brother to New York. Where he grew up and lived until about two years ago. I met him a little over a month ago and it was love. The first time I heard his voice over the phone I fell in love with him. A good friend introduced us for reasons of her own. Which have not worked out the way she intended. Good for us, not so for her. Well its not bad for her either but I do think she regrets that she didn't get what she wanted out of it. Too bad. Well anyway. Amanda is in jobchore and as from what I am told she really likes it so far. I think the first night away from everyone was pretty hard for her. I am so very proud of her for going in the right direction. Sierra and Lynndsey are living with their dad again in Oregon. One more school year to get through without the girls, and at the moment its killing me. I have been crying for the past three days. Everytime I look at their pictures I just ache inside to hold them and kiss them and make their breakfast. I miss all the big and little things about taking care of them and having them with me all the time. I did get to see Sierra and Lynndsey this summer. But not long enough. There is never enough time when you know they can't stay. My little sister Vicki is pregnant. At last!!! WOO HOO!!
I am so thrilled and excited for her and her husband Brian. I really miss her too. We haven't talked recently. I love her and miss her but I don't want her to have to deal with her parents giving her shit for talking to me. I know she loves me too and thats all that matters. Vicki doesn't need any more stress then she already has while shes pregnant. I wish I could be there for the birth of her baby just as she was there for the birth of all three of my girls. Hell she was the only one there for Lynndseys birth. There is just so much more to say and so little time because I am at the library and because I have my friends car and I need to get back to the house soon so she can do what she needs to do today. I will be back again.
I need so badly to reconnect with all my long lost friends and blogging family.
And soon, very soon I will have internet from home. I am going crazy without it.


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