Monday, September 22, 2008

One last move

Kaite called me and I am definatley moving back to Anacortes.
She is coming down here to Longview to get me this weekend. I am so excited.
I will have my own room again. Ahhh privacy! And I will be buying their little truck from them instead of the rig I was going to buy down here. I think I am most excited about having an actual room and a bed again. Having a kitchen I can cook in. A bathroom and washer and dryer I don't have to feel awkward about using. Its so nice. And Most Most most exciting of all is that I can finally have Pan come and visit me and her boyfriend can come along to if he really wants to.
I am hoping for a mother daughter weekend before the boyfriend thing happens though.
Haven't gotten to really hang out with Pan for a few months now. I am going through withdrawals. I need some time with my oldest.
G and K's baby is due in December so I will be able to be in the room for this one too. Kayla is excited that I am coming back. Even though she wants to steal the room that is going to be mine.
She doesn't even sleep in her bed! She is a couch kid. Too funny, Guess you would have to know the kid to know why its amusing. Just trust me. It is.
Derek should be coming this way sometime in the next week or two also. We are all looking forward to that.
Hello to any who are reading this.

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