Friday, March 27, 2009

ohhh my life!! lol

One of these days I will put down roots somewhere. Just not yet apparently. I have moved twice in the last two weeks. First to Longview, and no back up to my old stompin grounds in Arlington,.....sheesh. I must like it or something.
Well okay not so much but shit happens and life goes on and if I can't roll with the punches I will just got knocked out. So I roll baby.
I know most people think that my life is a rollercoaster. I happen to like it. I don't neccasarily like moving around a lot. But then again there is something to be said for a change of scenary. I just get that change more often then most. ( did I spell that right. Scene, scenic, scenery??)
Well anyway I am now living with a friend that I have had since first grade. Her name is Tracy.
I am kinda being a live in Nanny and housekeeper for her. Its part of my rent. And I pay some cash too. But I get to drive her vehicles and have a cell phone to use so thats cool.
I like this situation better then the one in Longview but seriously miss Katie and Grant and the kids. I want to see the baby!
Oh did I forget to mention there are horses here!!!
Gotta love that. Anyone with a horse is a friend of mine!

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