Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I haven't really written in a while

Or everything I have written is depressing.
Things are going very well here at Tracy's. We had a bbq this weekend. Some of her friends and some of her family came, and my sister Tannis and her husband Dave came with my neice meme and her best friend.
Showed the kids the horses and meme was about mad in love with them!
We had good food and great fun. Had a bonfire, Tracy and Patrick and their friends stayed up til 4 am around the bonfire!! I turned into a pumpkin at midnight shortly after Dave and Tannis left.
Sunday we all just sat around with our lazy bones stuck to various pieces of furniture.
Monday it was back to the grindstone for everyone. I got the kids off to school and then CLEANED. It took me the better part of the day just to clean the kitchen and do two loads of laundy then I finished cleaning up the yard. Found an unopened soda so that was a great score!
Tracy told me the other day that I am like the wife she never knew she wanted. How funny is that!
Her daddy's doggie Snickers is only going to be around for a little bit longer, Tracy wants to give him to her sister. Which is great for the sister but sucks for me. I am totally besotted by that tiny little dog.
I will have to post a picture of him, I only have like a hundred.
Been spending a lot of my time reading and writing poetry. No not ready to share it yet.
I have been seriously considering writing a book. I know I know. I just need to do it for once and for all. I just don't think I am skilled enough to do that. I need to take a writing course.
I know I know. Excuses excuses. I just need to shut up and write.
Going to a party on Saturday. One of my very good school friends is having this get together for a couple of reasons. It should be fun to see everyone again, it's only been 20 years!!

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