Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Went and saw my dad yesterday at the nursing home. He looked so much better then the last time I saw him. I think they had him over medicated at the last place. Yesterday he was quite alert and talking and being his funny self. He doesn't make sense anymore. But thats okay, he seemed to recognize me for a second, introduced to me to the room...there was no one else there. He kept calling Jim " Barclay". We don't know which Barclay he meant but thats all right. Saw my mom and Vicki there too, that was awesome. Got some hugs thats was even that a world? Anyway going again today to feed him lunch. It was a good thing to go. I don't want to remember him this way, but I have to remember that these won't be my only memories of him...

In other news, having some communication issues with Jim,. I just don't know how to get through to that guy. Its been a little tense the last few days. But I still love him very much and hope to keep him around a good long time.

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