Thursday, November 19, 2009


There are only a matter of minutes or hours left to my daddy's life. I am sometimes numb and sometimes I can't stop crying. I got to hear him tell me he loved me a few weeks ago. And now he is at the end of his life.
He had a wonderful long life full of adventures and friends. He married my mom and they had many happy years together and many adventures. He was very active playing golf, fishing, clam digging, going on trips to neat places, they where snow birds every year for the last 15 or so. He was a tug boat captain with a tug boat captains mouth! No one could tell a story like my dad. His eyes would light up and you could tell he was putting himself back into the moment he was speaking of, listeners could almost see what he was describing. And no man was a better clam fritter maker EVER! He so enjoyed time with his friends and family. Gatherings at the cabin and during christmas and just for fun at Kuhnles Tavern or Vi and Glenns. He will be missed by all he leaves behind, but has a wondeful big group already waiting for him on the other side.
There is gonna be one heaven of a party, the biggest bestest party Heaven has ever seen!!
I love you daddy.....

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