Friday, March 12, 2010


Its been almost four months now since my dad passed away. I never stop thinking about him. I dream about him almost every night. We have the greatest conversations.... I know that he is visiting me. I know now that he is proud of me, I also know that some people would say its my own subconcious giving me what I want. My dads approval and love. I think I have always had his love though, and even a grudging repsect from him. Now that he is passed and he knows so much more then he ever could here on earth I know he is proud of me and what I do. Its important. Maybe not here and now, but it is and many will know it. Someday.
In side note to myself I watch 2012 the other night. DAMN! Talk about scary and beautiful. The complete destruction of everything as we know it. It was pretty cool to have it portrayed in a movie. Oh the graphics where absolutely incredible and amazing and beautifully done. I was very impressed with the movie and most of the actors. The storyline however scared the shit out of me. I don't put much faith in the whole 2012 thing, Since the beggining of time the END has been predicted and predicted wrongly. The fact of the matter is is that nothing lasts forever that inludes the planet we live on. And we have no idea when it will expire or how we have no way of stopping it so worrying about it or trying to plan for it seem ridculous to me.
 Anyhow on to other stuff, today Tannis and I gave all the doggies baths and put flea stuff on them, we have been doing this once a month to keep the fleas at bay and it is working out pretty well. There are five dogs in this house though  and one cat so we need to be doing something. When Jim and I move I am sure we will continue this practice though as we don't want our dogs to be miserable and we do plan on getting at least two more dogs and a cat and a snake and and and sheesh what am I gonna do with him!!!

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