Thursday, December 22, 2011

The celebrations start tomorrow

I am ready!!! This christmas might just turn out to be a good one! Well its already the best ever because the girls are here!! They have some presents for under the tree which I think they will be pleased with. I know a few of the things they are getting from other people too that I KNOW will make them very happy indeed! We were gifted a tree and the cats broke it, but I fixed it with a strategically placed book. It is beautiful! I am excited for tomorrow, we are going to my moms. Oooh that reminds me I need to call her to see when we are going to costco, She is buying lots of food for me to make for her party tomorrow. It should be lots of fun, I think a lot of people will be showing up to it that I haven't seen in an ever. Super excited for Saturday too, I had the idea of my sister and I each buying a gingerbread house and we are going to have a contest. Parents against kids!! We are so gonna ice them!! hahahahaa. Merrry Christmas and Festive Yule to all!!

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