Monday, May 13, 2013

Went to my moms yesterday for mothers day, it has been a very busy week. Actually for the last couple of months it seems like there has been a shit storm of epic proportions.It started with Rob breaking up with my on my birthday by removing me from his friends list on facebook. What a guy! Then some minor things happend, like leaky toilet pipes and a other little household mini disasters. Then my sister friend lost her ever loving mind and attacked my daughter. My MOO (mother of origin) has been in and out of the hospital since December. My power almost got shut off. My internet service was disrupted. All this happened after I had to have Jen move out. It has been an emotional roller coaster lately. A close friend lost her husband and went to jail two days later. It was all very tragic. Another friends daughter has severe health problems and is in danger of losing her life every two or three weeks, it is so sad and we are all praying for her. My daughters cat Sakka just got hit by a car, his hip is broken. It is not pretty at all. He will live and his hip will heal but he is very fragile right now. So much has happened, with school and helping my mom I haven't had time to absorb and digest everything. It is a scramble in my brain. I need time to process it all.I thought maybe writing about it would help, but it actually just looks more confusing written out. This is how my brain is thinking through things at the moment, bouncing from one thing to the next and looping back and not processing one thing at a time like I need to do. If I could process the big things I think the little ones would just nicely fall into place and sort themselves out. 

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