Sunday, March 26, 2006


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some sacrifices must be made to pay some bills round here so I won't be online for long. And I don't have a clue as to how long it will take to get to where we can be online again. We might just have to go with dial up. God knows I will go completely nutszoid if I don't have this outlet. I might just have to sell the computer though to make sure that their is a roof over my kids heads. And power. I got a disconnect notice yesterday from the power company. Going to see about getting assistance with that though. Billy lost his shop space due to the owner being an ass hole and wanting to charge Billy more and pay less for the cars he wanted done for his lot.
So now we are in a mad dash to find work for Billy and to get some bills paid or we will be living in our little tiny car. ITs time to start offloading stuff. My car that doesn't run, this contraption. Maybe a tv or two. The freezer will have to go back and we will need to stop smoking. Can't afford to do that either. Fuck right now I feel like I can't afford to breathe and as a matter of fact I feel another panic attack coming on. I need like a thousand dollars just to make up for this month and pay half of next months bills. Maybe I should sell my body for advertising space on ebay. God knows I have enough body!
Oh shit I just cracked myself up with that.
I hope to get around to everyone before we have to have this turned off. I am expecting the bill to come in any day now and when it does we will have to call and have it discoed till we can pay it off. Love to all. I will see each of you soon.

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