Saturday, March 25, 2006

I know its been awhile since I posted a real post. I just now started feeling better.
I slept for two entire days basically. I don't have much to say yet. I don't know why,
I am still in a lot of pain and Billy is still by my side even though I am a lunatic right now.
He has been taking care of making dinner and making sure the kids do their chores.
Then he wasn't feeling well either there for a day or two,
Thankyou everyone for your comments. I appreciate the sentiment,
And yes Phyllis the wedding will be here in Washington we just aren't quite sure where yet.
And since it really isn't all that far off we really need to get moving on these plans of ours.
I hope everyone is doing well and I will try to get around to visit within the next day or two.
Got a lot to do, including getting better. I will post something more later maybe even tomarrow but it may just be a week. I haven't really felt much like getting online at all.
Love to all......

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