Monday, June 26, 2006

Continuation/ RESPECT please

Okay. When I was staying with my sister I would get up every day and start right in with cleaning her house. We were staying there I felt it was the least I could do. So I would wash the dishes and clean off the counters and sweep and mop the floor. I would do all the laundry, wash. dry. fold. and put it where it needed to go. Three times I cleaned the bathroom, once each week. Twice I watered the plants. I made sure the dogs where fed, I cleaned the livingroom everyday and vacuumed, I made sure the kids cleaned the bedroom and vacummed that floor two. I even fed her birds finally after telling her for three days that they needed food and water. They are her pets, just like Daves Bearded Dragon is his. Those where the don't touches. Finally I just couldn't stand it anymore after watching Gracie litterally fall when she tried to flap her wings. Birds dehydrate very quickly. They had absolutely no water. The dish was DRY, all the seeds where practically flour from all the times the birds tried to get something out of them. I can't help but worry now about how they are.
I know Tannis is normally much more attentive to her animals though, so I can't help but think that she was just too stressed having us there in her sacred space. Which I understand because whenever I have a friend or family member who has problems with a place to stay I cannnot and will not turn anyone away. My sacred space is constantly invaded, but it doesn't bother me the way it does other people. The only time it does is when people sit around on their asses instead of helping out around the house. When they decide that buying cigarettes is helping out.
Okay so here comes the disrespect part. When Tannis told me I needed to go, she also added in their the fact ( yeah right) that I rely on Billy for everything, that I am up his ass, and if she was up Daves ass as much as I am up Billys that Dave would have left her along time ago. And that I don't do anything. I just lay around on the couch all day and don't help out. And that I haven't done anything to try to help me and Billy get a place. That could have been calling churches and this that and the other. That I used to be so strong and now I am just so weak now that I have a man. WHAT??????
Number one I don't rely on Billy for anything. I like that he treats me the way he does, *like a queen* But I don't rely on him. I rely on US. Number two, Which I told Tannis, She and Dave talk to eachother more often during the day then Billy and I do. Where she calls on her breaks and her lunch and when she's on her way home, and when she gets home. Billy or I will call eachother once during the day, and he will call when he's on his way home, and I might call him once when he's on the way if I need him to pick something up on his way.
Number three, I guess the dishes and laundry did themselves and put themselves away, and the vacuum was magical and vaccumed the carpet all on its own. And the bathroom faeries cleaned the bathroom. and and and. While I just layed around twiddling my thumbs. Which really amazes me seeing as she thanked me all the time for doing all that stuff. Number four, I called all the churches and every other agencie out their to try to get help and they all were out of funds or the waiting list where anywhere from six months to five years.
Number five I didn't USED to be strong. I am STILL strong. If I wasn't stong I would have given up. I never give up, I know that we will end up where we need to be in the community we need to be in surrounded by the people we are meant to meet now. And the people we are supposed to be surrounded by.
Yes My sister pissed me off. Not because she asked us to leave. Not because she she loudly berated me in front of my kids and Dave and Billy, but because she berated me period. Because she said those things and it was more the way she said them. Their was no discussing it. Well we did later and I set her straight. She did apologize for her accusations which was cool. But she still treated me with the same disrespect and that PISSES me off.
I am not less then her because I am between rooves.
I have gotten the very distict feeling after looking over the past and her current actions and reaction to Billy. Tannis is jealous of anyone who gets more attention from me then she does. No I don't think she has realized this. But she has some reason for hating each and everyone one of my friends. or their just stupid. She hated John, she hated Jason, and she doesn't like Billy though she says she does. She flirted with all three of them. She flirted with any date I ever had. And she flirts with my best friend Derek. Even though she hates him with a passion. More later getting tired of typing!!! My fingers aren't used to this anymore:)

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