Friday, May 22, 2009

THis last week or so

Has not been a fun one. I have been in and out of the Doctors office and then into the hospital.
Blood tests, ekg's, and Catscans of my chest. All saying that my heart is fine and my lungs are clear, so thats all good.....okay so why does it hurt so bad and why can a hardly breathe?
He finally prescribed ativan on top of the medication to help get the water retention down. And aspirin just in case. And I should take it everyday. And next week I have to have a stress test.
Yay. The ativan isn't really doing jack shit but making me tired. I already had that problem. Now I have had the hiccups all day. A strange side effect I get from Ativan. My chest still hurts and its still feels hard to breathe. Especially when I lay down or do anything remoteley strenuous.
I am only 38 for gods sake! And I am already scaring my doctor about my heart and possible blood clots in my lungs. Okay I know I am fat. But damn. I just want to know what the hell is going on. I am worried now. And my moo doesn't help with the way she talks about the heart problems that run in the family. Everything is just peachy. Blood pressure, pulse, ekg's stress tests.. right up to the minute of heart attack. And then its always fatal! Ya. Thats what I want.
My mother didn't know she needed a five way bypass until she insisted on an angiogram.
The doctors thought she was being rediculous. Ya, they weren't laughing so much when they discovered five major blockages. Her cousin went to a heart specialist the day before he died of an exploding heart. Guess what. All his everythings were just fine and he was the picture of health. In my family tree more branches have dropped off because of bad hearts then for any other reason. I DO NOT want to be one of those branches dammit. I am scared.

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