Sunday, July 19, 2009

Been Awhile

Well lots has happend since my last entry. On the third of July I went to a bbq at a friends house and ended up running into my very first serious boyfriend. First a lot of things actually. He was like my best friend when we were teenagers. We drifted apart as those who meet in middle school often do. He moved away to another city and we saw eachtother here and there a time or two but then before I blinked it had been 23 years! When I asked my friend who all was coming and she said his name I got all dizzy and excited I have been dreaming about him for the last few months that I would run into him at this certain friends house so it was exponentially weird!! So anyway I told her " You gotta call him, what do you mean he might? show up? what does that mean, call him right now, or let me call him, give me his number he has to come!!!!! " I went on for about 30 seconds at a very rapid pace I don't know how she understood what I was saying but she told me to calm down as she was laughing and gave me his number. I called him. Shaking and being dizzy and a lil out a breath from all the talkin so fast. I didn't think he would answer because he wouldn't recognize my number. But he did!!! He said hello, I had heart failure and said hi Jim!! He said who is this, I had a seizure and said Denise....he stopped breathing and said Barclay? I had a blue and purple cow and said Yes. How you doing?!!!! I think he died for a second then he started yelling !!!! Denise!!!!! Denise!!!! Oh my god how are you where the hell are you how have you been oh my god its so good to hear your voice!!! And then I was talking at the same time and then I stopped cuz I realized we weren't getting anywhere speed talking over eachother... So anyway in the conversation I asked him if he was married and he said yes but workin on getting a divorcel. I told him I was sorry to hear that and I am. And then I told him he had to come to the bbq because he had to come see me...he said he sure the fuck was gonna be there now. YAY!!!! So he did come to the bbq and we have been talking non stop ever since. Its the weirdest but coolest damn thing ever. We have this incredible connection and don't know for sure where its going but I swear up and down he is the one. And I hope that things go the way we both want them too. I am falling in love again and I am scared shitless. Then on the tenth Tracy and I went and did a turn and burn to MiltonFreewater to go get Sierra and Lynndsey. We have been having so much fun!!! Friday we went hiking up to the ice caves. So beautiful. I will post some pics soon I hope. Gotta go run off with the cobblings now!!!!!!!

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