Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well its been a little bit again. Just got internet so I should be able to blog much more often now. It makes me feel better so I hope thats true. We have been having weather straight out of hell the last few days. We be going to the river again today. The other day Tracy and I took my niece and they found tiny little garnets!!! How cool is that!!!!!
Anyway things are great. Kids got to visit grandma and grandpa. They had a lot of fun. I heard a funny story last night about Sierra and Grandpa ( keep in mind the man has had a very severe stroke, brain surgery and is in a nursing home ) Sierra was feeding him some crab, and he put his hand out towards her and she thought he wanted to hold the crab. ( she was holding it and feeding it to him as he would have dropped it) And she said to Grandma.. " Oh I think he wants to hold the crab." Just then grandpa pointed at Sierra and said " mmm pretty titties." Sierra didn't catch on at first and Grandma had to tell her what grandpa said. Sierra just laughed and laughed. Its funnier if you can hear it told in person I suppose but we got quite a kick out of it. That is Sooooooooooo not something you want to hear from your grandpa!!!!!!!!!
But you know he doesn't know she is who she is so we can let it go and see the humor in the situation. I am glad they got to see him and spend so much time with him. He probably won't be around next summer. They also got to go to the cabin with grandma and their sister so they have been having a lot of fun. Jim ended up moving in while they where at grandmas so they got to meet him yesterday when we went to pick them up. He was all hopped up on jelly bellies and mt. dew and they thought he was hilarious.....And we have all found ourselves in a jeff foxworthy joke. Gonna post a pic to go with that so you can just see what I be talkin bout.



Tj and her daughterspet rooster. We opened the back door yesterday and he decided he needed to perch and sit in front of the fan and watch jackass!!!!!

This is mystic. We let them out into the side yard sometimes. He pokes his head into the bathroom window whenever anyone is in their taking care of business. Its a little disconcerting when showering...peeping toms have nothing on this horse!

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