Monday, August 28, 2006

I earned my bitch certificate!

Okay heres the scoop on that.
I called Billy's P.O. and told her where she could find Billy. Gave her the address and everything. I know I am evil and will rot in hell. O well at least I will be surrounded by friends in a place I don't believe exists.
Anyway, Last night Billy tried to call collect. So I called the hotel wondering what the fuck he wanted. Well the guy at the front dest informed me that he hadn't seen anyone for a few days. I said well Where's Billy he tried to call me collect last night. And the guy said " He got picked up."
Oh okay well that makes sense to me. Thanks. Then I asked about the woman he had been staying with. And dude told me that she took off with Billy's friend Elmer!!!! HA HA HA!!
I love it. He got thrown in the clink and lost his new girlfriend to another man. A man that was his friend!!!!! I love it. God Karma is soooo fabulous. No before ya ll lecture me that karma can bite me in the ass too for telling his P.O. Where to find him. No. It was tough love and major concern for his life that really made me call. Everytime he smoked that crack he was taking his life in his hands. And he was making terrible choices that weren't just hurting him but also me and my kids. Most importantly my kids. SO anyhow. He was either trying to call to tell me what a bitch I am or he was calling to apologize because his head is free of his ass. Or maybe he wants me to try to bail him out. Sorry Dude I'm broke. I am a bitch so no news there. And I hope to god his head is free of his ass because he owes me and my children an apology. He tried to call several more times today but there is some weird deal about calls from jails now. You have to pre pay for them or some stupid shit. Sorry ain't happenin. Try from somewhere else or write me a freeking letter. I am a bit surprised he bothered to memorize the number here though.
And a little afraid that he might have memorized the address. Derek will kick his ass if he shows up. Which would be wonderful and horrible all at the same time.
C- I would love to read your blog too. Could I have the link or would you really prefer to be anonymous???

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