Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pissed off and Broken Hearted and REALLY PISSED OFF

William Backus is a FUCK. He didn't even have enough balls or respect for me to call me and let me know he was done with us. Instead I call him and his GIRLFRIEND answers the phone. She was quite pissed off when I told her who I was. Then she told me who she was. She is still with him in HER hotel room in Cave City Kentucky. He is using her for a roof over his head and a fuck when he feels like it. Money, and Dope. Yes he started smoking crack again. He is such a fucking BASTARD. My children are so hurt by this. He PROMISED them that he was never going to go away. He SWORE to them that he was going to get us a place and he was going to make sure we all got back in the same place again. He promised that he would make sure they could have a dog. He SWORE to them that he was not a dad who was going to abandon them.
His new unsuspecting lady made him get on the phone. He told me to LEAVE HIM ALONE. And hung up the phone. Okay buddy. You want to cheat on me and lie to everyone and be fucked up on drugs. You want me to leave you alone. You want space to fuck up your life. CHOKE ON IT. I HATE MEN.

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