Sunday, August 06, 2006

We made it!!

Well we have moved to Mississippi. We left Everett on the first of august and arrived here on the fourth. We are still stiff and tired and sore and I think we are all coming down with a cold or something. but after being in so many places and around so many people it is expected. I had a new and take the cake kind of em bare assing moment.Somewhere in Idaho I ripped out the seat of my jeans and didn't know it until somewhere in Texas. I wasn't able to change until Dallas. Somewhere in Texas I had actually bent over at the front of the line in front of three lines of people to get the tickets out of my purse. So about three hundred people saw everything god gave me. Ug!
I didn't even know! I figured it out in Amarillo that something was wrong because this mexican guy was always behind me no matter what I did. Then another guy joined him. And a group of guys gave me this " how much" look.. I felt the back of pants but didn't feel anything wrong. When we were getting off the bus in Houston I felt again and the entire butt of my jeans was almost gone!! after I changed this guy that rode with us from Everett says to me." so you figured it out huh" I said " why didn't you say something!!!?"
He said " well actually I was kinda enjoying the view" SHEESH!
Not one person said anything to me!! NOT ONE!!
Anyway we made it hear and Billy is in Kentucky trying to get his pilot car license so he can help his friend deliver houses. So eventually we are moving to Kentucky or possibly Alabama.I don't know. I might just stay right here with my very best friend in the entire world. Derek. He found out what was going on in Washington and decided the girls and I needed to come here. So here we are.

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