Sunday, November 23, 2008

People that taught me something

1) Dottie Hylback: Taught me that love is unconditional and has no excuses.

2) Grandpa, Louis Vaughn Barclay: Taught me that a hug trully can heal. And how to tie a slip knot, gut a fish, train a dog, and to be me.

3) Uncle, Lowell Stauffer: Taught me to be real about my capabilities, I can if I know I can, and I should know that I CAN do anything I put my mind to.

4) Kay Kuhnle: It is possible to meet someone half way and walk away pleased. And to always protect your own ass.

5) Joann Kuhnle: Sometimes just being quiot while someone tells their story is the greatest gift you can give.

6) Shirley Emerson: How to have a green thumb and to be calm.

7) Lief Hylback & Roger Herring: How to dance, really trully dance, without fear, with freedom and light and grace and JOY.

8) My dad Dennis Barclay: How to punch a boy in the nose if he teased you, or kick him in the shin. How to have fun with my kids by being a fun dad, how to dig for clams, fish, crab, the names of everything I saw, and that racing him in Disney Land was the funnest part of being at Disney Land. And lets not forget how to spit and the appropriate time to give someone the finger.

9) My mom Joan Barclay: How to hate tuna casserole but love the person that tortured you with making it! How to be artistic and creative, how to clean a house, and how to laugh even in the scariest moments.

10) Veronica Lee Mitchell Scarr Boehm: Taught me that scary people are often the bestest of friends, the funniest of characters, and the most creative of souls.

11) Jennifer Jo Smith Moon: Taught me that sometimes the best people in your life often start out as what you think are weeds.

12) Katherine Lee Simmons Hurd: Taught me that saying whats on my mind is perfectly alright, and farting in public is hilarious. That sometimes screaming at the top of your lungs like a mad woman is the only course of action at the moment. And it feels FABULOUS!

13) Victoria Ann Barclay Dehnert: Sisters really are best friends even when they don't talk for ages and ever. That Barbie Dolls SUCK but chillin with your little sister doesn't, that even though someone comes running at you with scissors does not mean that they are not afraid of you. Any one who will dig up your cat that has been dead for three days without your prior knowledge so that you can say a proper goodbye is AWESOME.

14)Lymon Grant Hurd: serenity.

15) Amanda Victoria Davis: How to be a mom

17) Sierra Rachelle Yocom: How to be a better mom,patience

18) Lynndsey Nadine Yocom: How to be an even better mom, have more patience and to be creative about punishments fitting the crime.

19) My moo Donna Sterling: That wearing your mothers levi's is never easy but it is always a learning experience and that is awesome!

20)Tannis Marie Chamberlain: I am NOT always right, but I am NOT always wrong either and its okay.

21) Victor Larson: Taught me that I really can write and I really do know the answer to 6 x 8. And that it is easier to believe in yourself when others believe in you.

22) John Derek Clark: Best friends ever come in very strange packages indeed.

23) There is a conglomeration of others who have taught me invaluable lessons and for them I am just as grateful as I am to those named above.
My grandma Barclay taught me that not everything can be healed with homemade snickerdoodles but they sure are good, my Auntie Ann taught me that gods grace is avaible to everyone, my Aunt Babe taught me to not be afraid of water...I bet she doesn't even know that! My friend Tracy Joy Maxwell taught me how to be a good friend by continuing to be one even and especially when I wasn't. I learned so much more from Tracy but thats between us. There are teachers and strangers and preachers in the mix that have shown me, told me, taught me so much. Thank You! Each and every flower in my garden holds the name of someone out there who effected me in some way. Even small. Like my first grade teacher Mrs. Funston who understood that sometimes a kid just has a bad day and it doesn't mean the kid is bad. Like the lady who paid for my court document copies because she knew I needed them and I had no money. Like the people who have stopped on the side of the road when vehicles of mine have broken down and they offered their assistance. What awesomeness this world holds. What phenominal souls inhabit this earth. What amazing things their are to behold. To learn, To be.
I am trully blessed. I trully am.

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