Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Sitting here at my sisters house I have a lot of time to think.
This morning I woke up wondering what I would want my girls to know if something happend to me. What if any? Important tidbits can I give them to make life easier, or funner?
What would I want them to know from me and not from some other chick?
Well there is the obvious. I want them to know how much I love them. They already know this.
I want them to know that I care more about them then myself. That their wellbeing comes before mine. This I think they know....
But there are other things mothers tell and teach their daughters.
How to be strong and independant and never rely on anyone. ANYONE but yourself.
How to cook and clean and sew and wash clothes and pay bills.
How to do all of that and work and take care of kids and look great doing it.
Unfortunatley I don't think my kids saw too much of that. Looking great thing.
This is what I hope I showed them. This is what I hope they know. This is what I would want them to read if something happend to me.

1) Never ever let a man be in control of your life ( or anyone else for that matter)
You are a strong woman. You are also intelligent, if you really love him and he wants to be in control. Just let him " believe" he is and let it go. You'll figure this out for sure. Because almost ALL men want to be in control. Sheesh. What would the world come to.
2) You are a woman, that means that you will wear 250 million different hats. Because you will need to know how to do everything. Everything means. Well everything.
So learn everything you can and pay attention because someday you WILL need to do it.
3) Do NOT doubt yourself. You are STRONG you are WISE you are AWESOME
4) The only people that can hurt you are the ones you allow to do.
5) Sing and Dance in the rain
6) Travel, when you want how you want with who you want, and do not be afraid to embrace people and their cultures on your way through life let alone around the world.
7) LAUGH a lot
8) You really really really can do and get what ever you want. REALLY
10) Some people will always be in your life, others will come and go, some will just blink right through.
11) Chocolate can cure a broken heart....but going out with friends works better.
12) Do NOT be afraid to try new things. Spread your wings my babies and FLY FLY FLY
13) If you let what others say about you get to you. The others win.
14) Some people are just plain asshats..don't let it get to you. its not you specifically that they are experiencing asshattery over. Its just their life sucks and they probably need someone to love them.
15) Some people need to be watched over. BE someones ANGEL
16)Being someones angel does NOT mean that you should let other people take advantage of you. Use your head at all times and not just your heart. Mostly though.....
19) You do not need to speed. If you are late so be it. Its better to get to your destination in one piece then to never reach it at all.
20) People are full of advice. Take what you can use and leave the rest behind.
21) Mom is the wisest of all people ever and you should always listen to her or anything she ever said! Number twenty DOES NOT apply to mom!!

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