Sunday, October 23, 2011

Been a minute

Well Jim is home from hunting now. He didn't get anything. I guess he and Dale are going to go out a few times around here. So he will be gone all day but be home every night. I think its good for him to get out of the house. But I am glad he will be home at night. Now I have two weeks worth of sleep to catch up on and not sleeping has taken its toll. I am getting sick. Lynn just missed two days of school from being sick so I figure some little cold is going around any way. Yuck. Had a fun weekend with the kids. It was mostly just kicking back and relaxing, but Lynn got to have her boyfriend over to visit so she is on a happy high. Sierra got to play video games all weekend and so she is happy. Laundry from Jims hunting is almost done. I hate the smell of smoke. It makes me so sick. The foster dog is doing great. He is just a total love bug. I am sure he will make someone a very wonderful pet. He deserves a happy ever after. After what he has been through the first three years of his life he needs a happy ever after. I don't know how anyone can just leave a dog in a crate and barely ever feed it or give it water. Never give it a bath and never take it for a walk. Not only did SJ have that happen to him. There were over one hundred others. Some of them had to be put down so they could stop suffering. It just breaks my heart. It will be hard to say goodbye to SJ but we will know we helped give him a second chance at a great life.

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