Tuesday, October 18, 2011


My daughters cat Jadie decided to tell me she was stuck in the cemetary. Which is just on the other side of the fence from our yard. So I walk all the way around to the opening, and all the way around to the back of our yard, and can't find Jadie. I do how ever run into my cat Minion. He never lets me go in the cemetary with out him. Finally as I am setting some flags and flowers to rights, I hear Jadie meowing. She is back in our yard. Magic cat!! So I walk all the way back around to the yard, and call for her. Minion trailing me the entire way, sometimes leading the way, when I would stop to fix a flag or set a toy or flower pot back where it belongs. He thinks I don't know how to get back home. So sweet. I get home and call for Jadie. She is of course back in the cemetary. I decide she can stay there and play for awhile. She obviously has wings or some such thing to get over that dang fence!

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