Sunday, April 09, 2006


Last night Billy and I went out, for all of 20 minutes.
Billy got a phone call from officer Ashley. She has been getting to know Mr. Billy rather well as have the rest of the Everett PD. He has managed to single handedly hand over at least 5 drug dealers 1 run away and a stolen car. Just from looking out the window. So anyway, she called to let him know that one of the kids threw something burning out the window. Well of course we had no clue what happend so we rushed home. Barely avoiding an accident, a minivan decided to spin out across all lanes of the freeway in the rain. Amazingly not one person hit the minivan and it didnt' hit any one either. An act of GOD/GODDESS.
So we get home with Dave hot on our trail. We beat him here, we coming from North Everett, him coming from a mile or so away. I ran up the stairs faster then I ever have. And come barreling in the door. Billy and Dave right on my heels.
I had called my mom for her to get her ass down here because we were at least ten minutes out. So mom and Sev and Trinia were here when we got here.
The police officer immediately told us that everyone was okay and that nothing was burned inside the house. Amanda my most wonderful daughter that I trully love very much. Had decided to light paper and a plastic bottle on fire and throw them out her bedroom window. Well some one in the other building had seen that and called 911. Officer Ashley has been doing extra patrols and so she was able to witness the occurance. Anyway, Dave took mimi home and took Sierra and Lynn for good measure and informed Amanda that because she had endangered his daughters life and her sister lives that he was walking out of hers for awhile.
She is not allowed to see Mimi for a long time either. Or R.C. or Tannis my sister.
Tannis doesn't want to see her right now. I haven't talked to Tannis about it. I don't need to. I know how she feels. I feel the same. I am having a hard time with handling this. I don't trust Amanda any more at all. I wanted to kill her last night! She could have caused the deaths of not only herself but also her sister and her cousin and anyone else that lives in this building. The good thing is is that someone saw it and took the time to call 911 and not ignore it!
I am so angry with my child. I love her so much and when I think about what could have happend it damn near stops my heart. She is soooooo grounded and has been working her ass off all day. She was going to get to go to her friend Becca's this week but now that is out the window. She also lost her opportunity to be friends with Trinias daughter Brittany because they both screwed up in their own ways. Anyway. I am just a bit stressed with that. Billy was right there though. Never has anyway stood by my side like that. The weirdest and most wonderful thing happend though. I decided to get stoned with my brother and Billy and wow did I sleep like a rock! But first I asked Billy to rub my back, he had to help me get my clothes off first and then he rubbed my back and the next thing I know we are having fantastic sex. His idea!!! WOW!
I love you Billy, thankyou so much for being by my side, and for being turned on by how I handled the situation. I will have to try to impress you more often!!!

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