Sunday, April 02, 2006

Good Weekend

This weekend had its ups and downs. Right now is a bit of down time, not a downer. We went to Happy Land last night and had a blast. Our friends Joy and Jason spent the night in the living room cuz Joys mom locked her out of the house unintentionally in her drunken stupor then couldn't be gotten up! So anyway, there were some interesting folks at our lovely little bar last night. Lets just say Billy probably really likes it when I get whipped!!
Okay enough of that or my sore body will be screaming as much as I will......
Yesterday was a bit of a test for Billy. His little baby boy Luke passed away eleven years ago on April first. He has posted about it. Please go see him on his blog. Its in the LINKS!!!
If I remember I will come back later and put the link in for you to make it easy!!!
Billy I love you and I know Luke does too. See you on the other side little man.

On the bright side of things, YES there is always a bright side to every day no matter how hard or bad the day.
We did have a great time last night. And yesterday was pretty good too, Friday was cool, we went out to our Happy Land and my brother Sev and his girl Trinia came down and sat for awhile with us. Billy went around the corner to pee and I accidently thought he was getting stoned with Orville, so I sent my smoking brother and his girl up around the corner, Trinia went first and she accidently saw an eyeful of the Billy Club! WOOOPS!!!!!!
Well now she knows what I am dealing with and why I am walking funny half the time.
Oh my goodness that just cracked me up.
Okay well I guess I really am boring now so I am going to go.
Love to all!!!!

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