Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Main man and My other Best male Friend

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The man of my dreams the man I am going to marry!
We had a blast today polishing a 1977 Fire Engine. This was a special day for me. Working on that truck and climbing all over it to get the high spots polished brought back so many wonderful child hood memories for me. When I was growing up my dad was a fireman and so was my Uncle Lowel and many long time family friends. Every sunday my dad would take me and my sister down to the firehouse and let us run around. We would play hide and go seek and climb all over trucks and if we were lucky got to help wash them! They would run relays between us and the other kids to see who could get up top fastest and then who could get down the fastest, the boys always cheated and jumped. That wasn't the point!!! Then we would all get to get a soda out of the cooler. Back in the day when sodas came in glass bottles. So many of those men are gone. So many of them were heros. Especially my dad. My uncle Jerry the one that just passed away recently was a fireman and then the Chief in Granite Falls. He loved loved loved the old trucks. When Billy and I were trying to get this job I sent up a prayer to my Uncle Jerry. MAKE THIS HAPPEN! WE NEED THE MONEY AND YOU OWE ME ONE AND YOU KNOW WHY!
I told him if he made it happen I would show him my forgiveness in the shine of that truck. I would help to make it beautiful in honor of him and in honor of all his fellow fallen hero's.
SO Uncle Jerry this truck is for you and for my Uncle Lowell and for Larry, and for all the others who have passed on.
And DAD This truck is for you. I love you and you are still my hero.

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Derek I love you man. Thanks for always being there for me. AND GET BACK ON THE ROAD!

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