Friday, April 14, 2006

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who posted positive comments to my fire post.
Its been awhile since I saw some of you on here!
Boabhansith it was really nice to see a long lost blogger friend!!!
I am thinking of moving my blog to myspace.
I haven't really made an absolute decision yet. And now we have no internet service and my computer went T. U. anyway. I am at my friend snowvhites posting this now and checking email.
So now it will be few and far between that I am able to get online any way. At least for awhile until we get some more stuff figured out.
Pray for sunshine so we can get some work done and get some bills paid.
Talking to T- Mobile right now trying to get my billing cycle changed to make it easier to pay the dang bill. Its kinda hard that it was in the middle of the month. So on the first I would make a huge payment and then have another one due right away and not be able to pay it so the phones would get shut off. Arg. It was just a pain in the ass.

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