Thursday, April 20, 2006


Well its been awhile since I have posted anything.
Cable malfunctioned and now is turned off. We are in the middle of packing up and getting ready to move hopefully to Moses Lake Washington. We have decided against moving to California as many of Billy's friends have recommended that he not do that as he at one time had a very bad problem with drugs and thee particular drug he liked so much is quite rampant down there. So we are hopefully moving in about two weeks over to Moses. My friend Katie has an aunt and uncle that own a trailer park and many apartment complexes over there and they have a nice three bedroom trailer right on the lake open right now. Its only 475.00 a month and that includes electricity and cable and water/sewer/garbage. This is a fabulous deal in this day and age and we can have our dogs and cats. I am just waiting to hear from katies aunt and then I have to come up with 200.00 dollars as a deposit. Wish me luck on selling my other car!!
I hope all of you are doing well, I am going to go now and visit as many of you as I can. Love to all!!!! And more when I get a chance. probably not till after I move.

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