Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Laughter plays like light across the room
Sweep up that twinkling dust with thy broom.
When you are yourself
you take it all in
you change the world when you believe.
Laughter leaks light water through a sieve
Do you believe in love, do you believe in you
I cannot tell myself from you
I cannot make the world alter for myself
But I can alter myself to change the world.
Where are we going its all confused
what should we do, we are lost like you
Tangled and torn we bleed
We feel, we weep, we need
to believe
Laughter brightens every life
Lips on the moon, to kiss the sky
What do we do when a hero dies?
The world shall cry tears of lost faith
The pope shall make a stupid speech.
Crying doesn't make it better, except inside.
Laughter is what the world needs,
to change the tide.
What can I do now.
I don't even know.
I guess I will laugh
On with the show.

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