Friday, August 14, 2009


Not feeling well at all. Ended up in the hospital for the better part of yesterday. Turns out I have a rather severe kidney bladder and urinry tract infection. There was a lot of blood in my urine and blood clots. I could possibly have kidney stones. And my mom has informed me that I could have the same thing she and my brother have...Mccartles Disease which is a glucogen storage disorder and I guess it does this. I have had kidney and bladder problems my entire life. Kidneys failed at three and have always been suseptible to urinary tract infections. However I have never had pain like this! I have never had blood in my or clots in my urine. And it never hurt so bad to pee before. I am concerned about kidney stones, but I am more concerned about the whole McCartles thing. Definately something I am going to have to look into more. Have spent the better part of the day in bed and now I am more or less wide awake, I have to wait another half hour to take my meds so figured I might as well stay up anyway. Jim is snoring away...he had a very long day at work and gets up before god most mornings, I know because I wake them both up! haha....he pretty much came home and crawled in bed with me, poor guy, he said he felt like he'd been drinkin all day he was so tired and had an exhaustion headache from hell. So I got up and made some kick ass oven sammies and cut up some watermelon and brought it to him in bed. He has been so sweet the last couple days. He went straight from work to the hospital yesterday because he was so concerned about me and mad at me for not taking care of myself. I got a helluva lecture that for sure. Then he made sure I had plenty of cranberry juice and lemon lime soda to drink, bought me lunch at subway ( where I ran into young lady I used to babysit and discovered that she is expecting!!!) Then when we got home he made sure I was comfy and had plenty of ice and told Tracy I needed to take care of me and he hoped she would back him up on that because I am all about taking care of all of them all the time. He thinks I spoil him! Thats just me though. I am a care taker, I am mother. I am a caregiver..its just my nature.
He can't get over that I make him lunch every morning and get up with him to get him off to work. I didn't this morning or yesterday morning. He told me he knew something was wrong yesterday when I didn't get up with him. And obviously he knew this morning why I didn't, but he was a little surprised to know that last night when I couldn't sleep I made egg salad sammies for him to take to work. I don't know what is going to come of this with Jim. But I tell ya something, I am really enjoying his company and companionship and knowing that someone gives a flying rats fuck about me.....

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