Thursday, August 27, 2009

random wanderings through my nearly vacant mind

Things don't make sense.

Life is so terribly " Oh look a chicken!" Random

I wonder if the toilet will flush yet??


I also wonder what people would think if they knew what I was really thinking?

I imagine the looks on certain faces if they where to discover I do most of my writing while naked

what can I say, It just helps things flow to not feel all bound down by earthly things.

So ya, I'm naked..but try not to picture that. It could cause irrepairable harm to some of you, and random masterbation for others... Heh, now that is something I don't want to think about!!

ya, actually I wanna know.

I'm a freak just like my daddy always said.

In more ways then 99.9 percent of all the people I know, will EVER know.

Exept now ya all prolly have ideas. I wonder who and how many could guess right?

I want ice cream. JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMMMMM we need to go back to that Icecream shop!

You know the great little place in Granite....they have LICORICE!!

Can't beat that!!

Is it wierd that I wonder who drives my dads tugs now?, and I wonder who will crack jokes the way he did?, and then I realize neither answer matters. Because no one can do either the way he did.

My dad can never be replaced. Jen can never be replaced. None of us can EVER be replaced.

We are all the same yes, because we are people and we have many similarities in personality and such. But no one, is exactly like you, or me, or joe blow down the block. THAT is amazing, Billions of people on the planet and no two are exactly alike, Even identical twins are different SOMEHOW.

Thats just breath taking to think about. I want to meet everyone! Even the mean people. I want to know what makes each person tick. I want to laugh with everyone, love with everyone, and just be, with everyone. Yes I realize I am a freak I have stated such above. Get over it. Or go away.

I am so very much in love...with my kids, my friends, life, Jim...god thats scary. OH look a chicken!

I need to learn how to post pics in the bodies of these things. I so want to put a pic of the rooster right before the beginning of this sentence. Lmao he is out there crowing now, I think he has esp, because anytime we go outside he comes running. Even if he is on the opposite side of the house. He is one gifted rooster I guess. Not much of a name though. Chicken..huh, brilliant and creative Shelby!

I am so ready to go do something this evening, I need to get out of this house. After the excitement of last night and the complete let down of this afternoon....Devestation hits just as fast and hard as elation. I feel flattened. Jen has got to feel positivley transparent with grief.

Okay I can't think about that right now. Damn that chicken! I need to make some Tye Dye t shirts and stuff, does any body know how to do that?.....I tye dyed my bras once but it didn't set in, washed out after like three washes. Really sucked. I love tye dye its my favorite color. It represents so much and nothing at all. Its fabulous. Why the hell am I craving seafood, anybody got any clams, or crab er summin....damn mmm shrimp..losbster,,hhhhhuuuhhhhhh drool.

I need to rearrange and organize my room, its a little cramped in here. Its not the smallest room in the house, THANK GOD!! Thank you TJ.. but its crowded a bit now. I need tye dye wall coverings that will make it better!!!!

Need shelves on every wall. for books and movies and nick nacky things,. my fingers hurt from typing to much and my arms hurt from the way I am holding them, And I think Jim is almost here so that means I get to go to wal mart now. YAY!!

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