Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Heaven sent gift...almost

So I get this text about 5:30 pm last night. Its from Jen..Its says.." where the hell are you? I'm on my way to get my new body parts!!" I immediately text back " where? when? here? now!!!?"
Response..." swedish hosp. seattle. 11 East, I will be in by 10 pm sug sched for 4 30 am.."
I used to Jims phone. I called her. How awesome wondeful and exciting and amazing and wow. We were just stunned. It really is like how in the movies. You know the scene. The phone rings and they say get on a plane or get to the hospital its time. And the person runs around crying calling everyone they know while their scrambling to get ready to leave. It just happend so fast she said. She just got this call out of nowhere to come to Seattle to get on a plane and fly her happy ass to Seattle. WOW. Shock!!!
I was able to call her at the hospital last night. They where doing all the preliminary stuff.. checking her sugars hooking her up to iv lines all that stuff. We had to get off the phone because a team of people came in the room. I wasn't able to call the hospital again until this afternoon. I was told they sent my Nej home. There was something wrong with the pancreas and she really needs both a pancreas and a kidney so even though the kidney was fine she couldn't get both and so they sent her home. Devastation hits just as fast as Elation. I feel flattend. And I can only imagine how Jen feels. She is flying home right now, away from the promise of a new lease on life. It had to be like getting the death sentence all over again. I can't stop crying. Neither can my sister. We love Jen. The three of us have triquetras on our left shoulders. Matching identical tattoos that we got on the same day. Sybolizing the power of three. She is our sister. Last night it was such a high point. Past the sky beyond heaven. Now today. This news is just as incredible. Its just on the bad end. I can't believe how cruel life can be sometimes. I just want my friend to live. I am so greatful to the family of the young man who died... they made the decision to donate any viable organs. His passing will mean life to many others. Just not Jen. Not this time. My thoughts are with all involved..... I can't stop crying

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