Wednesday, October 11, 2006


There comes a time in a persons life when drastic changes need to take place.
Of their own doing. That time for me is now.
Things I want to change are.
1) Getting back into school
2) moving to Montana
3) Stop listening to others who put me down for one reason or another
4) Learn more about my chosen spirituality
5) No more being ashamed of myself and who I am and what I want
6) Dress in the way I have always wanted to dress
7) Take people out of my life who are unneccasary problem causers
8) Deal with my depression and other health issues
9) learn more about herbology
10) take care of my debts and get my credit in line
11) Get a good job that will support me and my plans
12) Allow myself to feel good about my choices
12 pB) Let people see the real me
14) Go to counseling to learn how to deal with a few things
15) Be more active in the causes I believe in
16) Tell everyone I love that I love them
17) tell everyone I appreciate that I appreciate them
18) Change my thinking
19) be even more open minded
20) Be a better parent
21) Be an even better friend to myself
22) Let others take care of themselves for awhile
23) Learn to say no when I need to or even just want to
24) Learn that its okay to speak my mind
25) stop sugar coating
26) Be more self reliant
27) Start exercising
28) set some goals and work towards them everyday
29) Learn that its okay to not like some people ( I don't have to like everyone)
30) Realized that its okay to not have the love and aproval of the people that raised me. I can give myself all the love and approval I need.
31) validate myself.

** I think thats a good start. Anyone have any suggestions?**
Ps, Barbara, I am going to start that " joy box"!!!!

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